Arsenal can finally sign their match winner – report


Goal machine alert

Last summer Arsenal attempted to prise Luis Suarez from Liverpool.

We would have to go as far as to say that if they had managed to do so they would be right up there in the title hunt – if not already champions.

Arsenal continue to be a team that dispatches the minnows with machine like efficiency but is unable to crack the elite in the crunch games.

Suarez is exactly the sort of big game player they require and you would imagine big bids will come in for him in the summer.


Arsenal may have missed the boat on that one, but if Suarez does move to Real Madrid as is being mooted, then Arsene Wenger may finally snare his long-term target Karim Benzema.

Benzema has been linked to Arsenal countless times in the last few years and the Arsenal manager is clearly a fan.

The French striker has done himself little harm during his time at Real Madrid scoring at almost a goal every other game (111 goals in 230 games).

But he isn’t as good as Bale or Ronaldo and Real Madrid may well look to get Suarez for the perfect front line next season.

The Daily Mail reports that Arsenal, along with Chelsea and Manchester United, will try to sign the player this summer.

While Benzema is a top player we think that he would be more suited to Arsenal than Manchester United or Chelsea.

While Jose Mourinho seems to prefer a powerful target man who can hold the ball up and throw his weight around, Manchester United already arguably have strikers who are as good or better than the Frenchman.

Arsenal’s velvety style seems to be a perfect fit for the elegant Frenchman who could definitely make a difference in the big games.

Let’s take a look at the lad in action. Arsenal fans – is he worth 40 million squid?

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  1. Paulio

    Apr 29, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    Liverpool must not allow Arsenal to strengthen on the back of any sale of Suarez! If they sell to Madrid they must stipulate that Benzema does not get a move to England, unless it’s Man City!

  2. Wolfgang

    Apr 29, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    You are so right about Arsenal beating/smashing the minnows.However in the
    big games they get beaten not once but more often.This season Arsenal could only beat Liverpool of the top 5.A mini table of the top 5 makes for dismal reading for gooner fans.I believe this has got to do with the tactcis the fm uses.
    There is no variation. Tactics which can overpower the minnows don’t work against the top teams. Yet Wenger doesn’t change his style which is so predictable and that’s why he lost repeatedly to red face and Chelsea with Drogba in the epl and cl.
    RM have thrashed BM .Arsenal play like the German outfit. All day possession but no penetration.
    This season Arsenal had an excellent chance to win th epl but the fm cocked up blaming injuries.Arsenal under Wenger have repeatedly
    choked at the finishing line and I doubt he could evre win the epl unless he
    changes his philosophy.

  3. Linda

    Apr 30, 2014 at 5:47 am

    This article is based on a flawed assumption that if Suarez was with the Gunners they would have won games against the big 5. How? Still beats me because Suarez, like Arsenal, choked against big teams. He was not much of a factor. The fact that Liverpool won one and lost two games to Arsenal in the current season is proof that even against Arsenal Suarez was not potent enough. It is true that Arsenal’s fortunes in the league this season could have been much with a good striker, not necessarily Suarez (admittedly, though, despite his indifferent record on the so called big 5, I’d still acquire him for Gunners ahead of every striker in the universe)

    Judging by the comments to this article it is clear that the English League club bosses and, naturally, their fans, are strangely short-sighted and incredibly narrow minded: if it is true that Spurs’ bosses tried to block the sale of Ozil and Bale or any other player to Arsenal or any other English opposition and if it is true that Liverpool are prepared to part with Suarez for a significantly lower amount than they they would from an English team, then English football and the league will never be a go-to league and football destination for the cream de la cream of players (Ronaldo, Messi et al)

    To be kind, it is warped and poor selfish thinking by certain clubs. To be crude, it is uncompetitive and borders on infringement of Competition Laws ( I must admit I don’t even know if there is a or an equivalent of a Competition’s Act in the Queen’s land and if it applies to matters-football which at times supersede the laws of a sovereign country.

    Fair Play should also include Fair Market. The idea that Liverpool feels happy to sell their priced possession to Madrid but then want to influence unkindly a business transaction between Madrid and fellow English clubs is horrifying! Interpreted differently: Liverpool wants over £100m from fellow English teams for Suarez but they are prepared to accept £70m from foreign clubs, effectively subsidizing flight of exceptional talent to foreign clubs and setting up landmines for foreign talent to safely come to the English League. Nauseous!

  4. Panther

    Apr 30, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    Arsenal don’t need Suarez they need Wilfred Boney who scores against the big teams for fun. Along with Boney, Arsenal need a specialist defensive midfielder with power and a bit of pace. Another centre back may also be needed to help Kocielny and Mertesacker. With Giroud Boney Walcott and Padolski, I think that is a good mix of pace power quality technique and goal scoring ability. With Joel Campbell hopefully back to help the likes of Ozil Cazorla Ramsey Chamberlaine and Gnabry, I think Arsenal will have enough creativity. Arsenal realy need that strong specialist defensive midfielder to rotate with Arteta and Flamini, for next season.

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