Arsenal: Deal Done?

Arsenal: Deal Done?


Joseph Drmic has been passed around the press like a badly rolled joint over the last few months. Clearly he’s a talented youngster and accordingly he has reportedly been courted by several Premier league clubs.

Having scored 16 goals for Nürnberg this season the 21-year-old is on fire and looks like he’s maturing fast into really top talent.

He’s quick, athletic and has that eye for the unpredictable which often separates the great from the good at the top-level of modern football.

The highly respected Lothar Matthaus told a Swiss newspaper this week that a deal to take the player to Arsenal is pretty much a formality. The Metro reports:

Matthaus told Swiss newspaper Blick: ‘Although now Dortmund, Gladbach and Leverkusen all have an interest. I’m saying: Josip Drmic will switch to Arsenal.

‘Look, if a journalist hears something, he researched and wrote that then its true. I’m kind of a journalist and have heard the rumour of a move to Arsenal. I then found out that this is true.’

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It’s creditable that Arsene Wenger keeps restocking the squad with young blood. But we feel that, over the last 5 years, too few of these young signings have gone on to have success in the way that Cesc did all those years ago. So Arsenal fans, should Wenger be concentrating on bringing in 1 or 2 top tier talents instead of potential stars of the future?




  1. I think Arsene Wenger should bring in talented and experience players to the team rather than putting in your of no experience and, then thinking of furture.

  2. It seems that Arsenal will be getting rid of some deadwood this summer. Bendtner, Park are two of them. Afobe and Campbell might be added to the list as well and there are rumors of Podolski being on the move also. While I think Arsenal should keep hold of the latter three, a move for Drmic would not be bad, considering the fee involved. However, Arsenal need an established top top 25-goals a season striker. Cavani or Falco will do for me.

  3. The prospect of signing Josep is not bad but if I am Mr Wenger, I will go for established striker that can score 30 goals a season than to perpetually investing on kids and hoping.How long is Wenger going to stay in the club? He should pursue result and not hoping.