Manchester United: Twitter Reacts to Ryan Giggs Press Conference

Manchester United: Twitter Reacts to Ryan Giggs Press Conference


Ryan Giggs was like a duck to water in his first press conference as interim manager at Manchester United. In sharp contrast to the clunky and uncomfortable way in which David Moyes often came across, Giggs handled the press with great eloquence and ease – it was as if he had been managing for years.

It remains to be seen whether he will be as good in the dugout as he was facing the media. But when asked about if he wanted the manager’s position full time he gave the ambivalent answer that he was simply concentrating on the four games in hand and getting Manchester United back in to the Europa League places.

We think that he has provided exactly the lift that Manchester United needs and that he will oversee some really impressive results in his time at Old Trafford – however long that ends up being.

Let’s see how Twitter reacted to the press conference.

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