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Manchester United: Forget van Gaal – get the CR7 of football management


This guy is the real deal

It’s been reported in many sections of the media that the favourites for the vacant Manchester United manager role are Louis van Gaal and Carlo Ancelotti.

The bookmakers are backing that up by placing those two as favourites for the job.

It seems then that the top brass at Manchester United are going to play it safe this time and appoint somebody of proven trophy winning ability.

There is no argument that these guys have huge amounts of experience between them but are they the right people for the job?

To van Gaal and Ancelotti Manchester United might be viewed as just another job on an already glittering CV of management positions. They will be hired guns expected to maintain a level of excellence – but neither could categorically be described as on an upward curve in their careers.

You might expect one title over their three year period at Manchester United and a couple of decent tilts at The Champions League without any guarantees of European success.

And of course success would not be guaranteed with a younger manager either.

But we just feel that Manchester United should stick with the policy of bringing someone to the club who can build another empire. Just because David Moyes didn’t work out doesn’t mean that the entire philosophy of recruitment at Manchester United should change.

Based on their histories the bookie favourites would probably stay at the club for two or three years and have a decent amount of success. But we know what to expect from them and they probably won’t improve as managers.

But if Manchester United were prepared to take the risk once more and go all out for Roberto Martinez they might just flip the nuts.

He is already an excellent manager but the difference between him and the others is that he is still improving and the sky is the limit.

Roberto Martinez to Manchester United would be like bringing a 21 year-old Cristiano Ronaldo to the club. A precocious talent who could get better week on week. Someone who would really excite because you don’t know quite where their upward curve will end. And someone who, maybe unlike the journeymen, is ravenous for success.

And we would have no problems whatsoever in appointing him as the Manchester United boss – he has all the qualities to succeed.

He’s highly intelligent, has excellent man management skills, clearly knows his way around the transfer market and understands the tactical side of the game brilliantly – just ask Manchester City, who had their pants pulled down at Wembley by Martinez’s minnows Wigan last May. That alone should endear him to the Manchester United fans!

After the debacle with David Moyes it seems that Manchester United may find the appointment of Martinez too big a gamble.

But that’s not a good way of looking at it. They should have learnt from the Moyes year that they need someone with superb man management skills, tactical brilliance and the ability to buy in a gem. For our money Martinez is comfortably superior to Moyes in those departments. And Martinez HAS won a trophy.

Martinez would build a new empire at Manchester United, with expansive positive and spectacular football. It’s a gamble but one well worth taking. He would be soccersweep’s choice of manager for Manchester United. New ideas, ingenuity and the hunger to build a new dynasty at Old Trafford.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ipinko

    Apr 25, 2014 at 6:04 am

    Martinez mayb better dan moye but we united fans re tire of gambling.we dnt wnt moye’s replacant cos we wnt to stop loosing our lives

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