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If Manchester United could have any manager THIS would surely be him

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Despite a terrible season Manchester United are still in the fortunate position of being able to choose from some of the worlds best managers.

One disastrous year will not change the stature of one of the football world superpowers and Manchester United can still compete with the best in terms of signings.

But who would be the number one managerial choice for the Manchester United board right now if they could have anyone? If available would it be Jose Mourinho?

We think that if the Manchester United top brass had their time again they would most certainly have gone for the Portuguese instead of David Moyes.

The game against Atletico Madrid in The Champions League semi-final this week highlighted the fact that Mourinho doesn’t always play the most attractive football.

But noone at Old Trafford would be complaining right now if Manchester United were in Chelsea’s position – fighting for the league title and one home leg away from The Champions League final.

It seems exceedingly outlandish to suggest that Mourinho could come to Manchester United now but he remains on the list of contenders with many bookies.

If the speculation last season was to be believed then Mourinho was really keen to take the job. Some even suggested that he cried when he heard the news of David Moyes’s appointment.

Certainly there is no better manager in the world in terms of getting results and Manchester United would be become a winning machine once more with him at the helm.

But surely now it’s too late for Manchester united to appoint him. Surely he’s taken on the project at Chelsea long term. And even if the job was offered to him he may turn it down after what happened last summer.

But, ironically, we think that if Manchester United could have any one manager right now they would choose the guy that they reportedly overlooked last summer.

Manchester United fans – would you take him over all others to guarantee Champions League football the season after next?

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