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Manchester United: What now for the €33m man?

Old Trafford Stadium, inside

Surely this guy is a gonner

If there is one picture that could sum up David Moyes’s time at Old Trafford it would simply be an image of Marouane Fellaini in a Manchester United shirt.

The Belgian midfielder who cost Manchester United in the region of 33m Euros, has been absolute pony from start to finish. Some Manchester United fans retained the hope that he would find his feet at the club after his expensive transfer from Everton last summer.

And while some think that he has slowly improved we believe that, if anything, he might even have got worse. Because he’s still the same technically poor player that he was when he joined Manchester United but, to make things worse, his confidence is now also in bits.

Another bonus in Manchester United disposing of David Moyes is that the next manager can come in and easily get rid of Fellaini – even if United have to take what will likely amount to a huge loss on the midfielder – because it wasn’t the new guy’s choice in the first place. It was someone elses mistake.

If David Moyes had stayed at Manchester United then he surely would have had to keep the Belgian for a few years, in order to save face, rather than admitting that it was a massively costly error of judgement on his part. Then United would have had to pay Fellaini for the next 2-3 years which would have further compounded the terrible signing.

But we think that it’s very unlikely he will be at Manchester United beyond this summer.

The fact that so many Manchester United fans thought it was a bad signing in the first place really illustrates how poor a manager David Moyes was for the club.

Having experienced so many technicians playing in the centre of the midfield for Manchester United the fans knew that this guy represented a real gamble and, at best, a player who would win games for the club in an ugly fashion.

Now that Moyes has gone Manchester United can sell Fellaini for a cut-price 10-15 million and perhaps he will be a success for a mid table side. But, for a club aspiring to the latter stages of The Champions League in most seasons, the big Belgian simply isn’t good enough in our view.

Fellaini surely has to go.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. stewart

    Apr 25, 2014 at 1:59 am

    the best article iv ever read!

    sell fellani and replace him with strootman!

    get klopp!

    moyes brought fellani and got rid of vidic!

    moyes never had a clue! get klopp!! someone with man management skills!

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