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Manchester United: Tellingly David Moyes fails to thank one contingent in his statement


Debacle alert!

The fact that David Moyes thanked everyone but his players in his statement on Wednesday afternoon really says it all about what went wrong at the club.

Whilst he mentions his Manchester United ‘staff’ in general the only specific reference that he made to the players was to say:

We were fully focused and committed to the process of the fundamental rebuilding that is required for the senior squad.

Rumours have persisted that Moyes didn’t feel the love from all the players at Manchester United and even on the day of his last game in charge of the club the story broke that Danny Welbeck was considering his future at Manchester United.

You could argue that the players’ apparent non-acceptance of Moyes methods at Manchester United was unprofessional.

But we think that’s nonsense. If there was player discord then maybe it was a case that they were simply strong enough to raise objections to someone who they felt wasn’t doing his job properly. Surely that’s better than just going along with things when you can see that the methods aren’t working?

Manchester United has a squad of elite footballers who are used to playing at the top level with top players and coaches. It appears that some of them perhaps felt that Moyes wasn’t of that standard.

Manchester United fans – do you think that the players have acted unprofessionally during the Moyes debacle?

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