Manchester United: Cavani in then who out?

Manchester United: Cavani in then who out?


Way before Edinson Cavani moved to PSG there were rumours about him moving to Manchester United and other clubs.

But despite scoring load of goals this season (22 in 37) there remains a feeling that the player isn’t completely settled at his new club.

He’s been forced to play in a wider position than he would’ve liked because of the enduring form of Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Earlier this week there was a suggestion that PSG might take Nani in part exchange for the brilliant striker. And rumours continue to ramble on about the player’s future.

Nani’s influential agent Jorge Mendes has admitted that Nani is likely to leave United at the end of the season.

So United hope the Paris club will be interested in Nani – a natural winger.

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The arrival of Cavani, 27, at United would appear to place a question mark against the future of Robin van Persie.

We think that if the opportunity arose to sign this guy it’s a no-brainer.

But we can’t imagine a deal happening without the departure of at least one of Manchester United main strikers.

There remain question marks about whether RvP and Wayne Rooney can play together.

The same question could be asked of Cavani and Rooney – although the Uruguayan has the sort of place that might compliment the England number 10.

The other player who could well leave Manchester United is Mexican forward Javier Hernandez.

As a colt he was happy to sit on the bench at Manchester United but it seems that now, in his mid 20s, he needs to be playing all of the time to retain his place in the Mexican national side.

So the idea of Cavani signing for Manchester United this summer may not be so outlandish. But it would only happen if United got rid of one or two strikers from their current squad.

Let’s see the brilliant striker in action.


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  1. buy cavani for 60mill, him and rooney together would be great!

    sell rvp for 20mill

    good business

    man utd don’t play when rvp is on the pitch he needs to go!

    and fellani!

  2. If cavani is in then i think chicharito sud leave nd we want fellaini out he is casing problem in the squad veri slugish player