Manchester United: 2 more Worldies keen to join David Moyes revolution?

Manchester United manager David Moyes has survived by the skin of his teeth so far.

After a performance level unseen at Manchester United, during The Premier League years, many feel that he will still lose his job sooner rather than later.

But we think that he has ridden the storm and will at least get a chance to build his own vintage over the next six months.

The most important thing for Manchester United is that David Moyes has a strong vision about what he wants the team to look like. There is absolutely no point panic-buying whatever available talent there is.

But after a chaotic time in the two transfer windows that he has overseen at Manchester United it looks as if the tide could be turning.

Luke Shaw favourited a tweet from a Manchester United fan who welcomed him to the club with open arms.

And Marco Reus looks as if he could also be open to a move to Manchester United with ex-team mate Mario Gotze suggesting that Reus wants to move to the club.

If the club could sign these two talents then Manchester United would be well on the way to Premier League success once more.

Because these two are real gems of European football. Both experienced enough to make a difference straight away but both young enough to provide the backbone to Manchester United over the next 5 to 10 years.

David Moyes has been known in the past for taking a long time to make decisions. If he wants to make is career at Manchester United a success then he needs to act fast and decisively on these two potential deals. They are both world stars in the making and players who could dazzle at The World Cup.

So get em in early Dithering Dave!

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