Tottenham to Gazump their rivals for one of Italian league’s most lethal players?

Tottenham’s future is uncertain. We don’t know what’s going to happen to Tim Sherwood beyond May. But if we were betting people we would suggest that a new manager will be found well before the new season starts – that is unless Tottenham qualify for The Champions League – an eventuality which still looks remote right now.

So any transfer activities are perhaps being overseen by Chairman Daniel Levy.

And reports today suggest that Tottenham may try to steal a march on their rivals for a highly rated Serie A forward.

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado plays for Fiorentino, mainly as a winger, and had a couple of really stellar years at the club.

His adaptability has also been key to his success, as he can double up, with honours, as a full back.

Wikipedia goes as far as to say:

His speed, pace and dribbling ability has allowed him to contribute greatly for both club and nation while earning the reputation of one of Italy’s most lethal players.

At 25 he has youth plus experience and has turned out for Columbia on 27 occasions (3 goals).

The Guardian says that Liverpool may make a bid but that Tottenham are also in the hunt and could snatch the player ahead of them and Arsenal – who are also hotter than a egg on a Qatari pavement for the flyer.

Let’s take a look at him in action. Tottenham fans – does this guy boil your eggs?