Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to FINALLY invest heavily on top players in the last chance saloon according to reports

He may not compare favourably with a manager like Alex Ferguson but Arsene Wenger has made Arsenal unrecognisable from when he took over in 1996.

Part of that success and growth has been due to his prudence of Wenger who is always been loathe to spend over the odds in a heavily inflated football market. He’s kept the team in the Champions League while the club has built one of the best stadiums in the world.

But after coming under heavy criticism again, from Arsenal fans and the media alike in the last few weeks, perhaps things are going to change.

There must be a voice inside the man which just says ‘to hell with the austerity. I’m going to spank all the cash this year and have my day’

He may well enter the last chance saloon this summer with a feeling of abandon and the desire to finally compete at the very top once more. Reports this week again suggest that a summer of heavy investment is nigh. But Arsenal fans don’t just want to read about it. they want to see it.

Because Arsenal, for all their qualities, still don’t have the cutting edge at the very highest level. Highly entertaining but too often accommodating opponents for the Chelseas and Manchester Uniteds of this world.

Rather tellingly Arsenal are the side that crisis team Manchester United have beaten inside the top six this season. Everyone is pulling their pants down except The Gunners.

Arsenal need to buy a world-class spine – a central defender, central midfielder and striker who can make the difference at the business end of the seasons. Never mind looking good in the autumn. Arsenal finally needs to get over the line.

We at soccersweep absolutely love Arsene Wenger – he is a dying breed and a true gentleman of real integrity and intelligence.

But now is the time to press the red button and start spraying cash all over the world of football.

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