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Published on April 1st, 2014 | by soccersweep


Manchester United: Who NOT TO SELECT if United want beat Bayern

It was indicative of the mood within Old Trafford at the weekend that the aerial protest summoned boos from many of the Manchester United faithful.

It is admirable that many Manchester United fans are staying loyal to their embattled manager. But blind faith can be the catalyst for the crumbling of empires and the cynical Manchester United fans have solid reasons for their concern.

And the newish Manchester United manager’s selection policy is chief amongst those concerns. Because David Moyes keeps picking players who are having stinkers.

Tom Cleverley

Either Moyes is extremely clever or extremely stupid in his continued selection of Tom Cleverley. And Manchester United’s results hint strongly at the latter.

However contentious David Moyes’s tactics are he should at least be picking his strongest teams by now. After a terrible season Tom Cleverley was key to Manchester United’s poor showing in Greece against Olympiakos. But, instead of consigning the player to the fringes, he then selected Cleverley against Manchester City. The Result? Manchester United were completely toothless in the midfield again.

Moyes might be right about Cleverley. He may become an excellent midfielder who can have a big influence on games. But he is way short of that standard right now and Moyes must NOT pick him against Bayern if Manchester United want to have any chance of overcoming the fearsome Germans.

Ashley Young

Moyes seems to be fooled into thinking that Young is a high calibre player, based on the odd decent performance and brilliant goal against poor opposition at Old Trafford once every 3-6 months. He may be OK against average opposition with time and space on the ball. But all the evidence suggests that Young doesn’t have the quality to make an impact on the biggest games. If Moyes selects Young as a winger on Tuesday prepare yourselves for yet another meek, peripheral performance, where Young simply pushes the ball back to the full back whenever he gets possession. Young couldn’t beat an egg – let alone an opposition defender.

Chris Smalling

Smalling is a decent centre back. But we have learnt that he is not a player who can fill in at right back. He has the requisite pace but his footwork isn’t strong enough to work in confined spaces out on the flank. If Rafa isn’t fit, put Jones out there. But please, NO SMALLING AT RIGHT BACK.

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6 Responses to Manchester United: Who NOT TO SELECT if United want beat Bayern

  1. Adugna Ayana says:

    Wow what u saied are all my tought.defenetely agree wiz u.but am sure DM will play zem tonight!cos he fear nothing.actually what he fear?whatever he dose zers no any pressure on him specially from z directoral board.tnx to his Scotish fellow SAF his position is safe n secured.ah…i get tired of talking about moyes…i better stop here…

  2. Abu patrick says:

    Play Nani if we must get a result against Bayern.At the rightback please do not play Smalling.Januzaj can come from the bench.

  3. stewart says:

    kagawa must play behind rooney! and valencia must play!

  4. the only way for united to best bayern, moyes need to play nani, rooney and kagawa for canter becos rooney and nani can win the math if two of them fit.

  5. kidder23 says:

    drop moyes,round,lumsden and Neville and we might stand a chance of winning this tie.With them all involved we’ve no chance.I’ve got 3-1 Bayern with Kroos first goal on my betting slip and I’m United through and through

  6. ferguson says:

    Never pick carrick.. he is shit.. cleverly is way better than carrick..

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