Manchester United: Time to get behind JOSE

Wow. Manchester United fans were bracing themselves for a season in which they may not immediately reach the standards that Sir Alex set and maintained for a quarter of a century.

But few could have imagined this – 9 months into his reign and the fans aren’t even surprised at the home defeats anymore. The standards have dropped so sharply that few now feel positive going into any game.

The reality of the situation is that the only thing Manchester United fans can hope for now is that Chelsea can win the title. It seems crazy that Manchester United fans would be rooting for arch rivals but Chelsea surely represent the lesser of the evils right now.

If Liverpool win the title Manchester United’s lead in the overall title race will be down to one – 20 to Liverpool’s 19. Another could of poor seasons and the record could be gone.

As for Manchester City, few could fail to admire their powerful and beautifully flowing brand of football, but fewer still from the red half of Manchester would want to see them lift the trophy come May.

So Manchester United fans will now, begrudgingly, hope that the old master Jose Mourinho can maintain their super results for the last 7 or 8 games. Chelsea winning there title would represent a minute crumb of comfort – but a crumb all the same.

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