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PICTURE which sums it all up for Manchester United


It’s becoming a bit of a joke now

This picture (Courtesy of The Daily Mail and Sport Image), which shows marshals guarding the David Moyes banner that the fans seemingly want to take down, really says it all about the stauts quo at Manchester United.

The Chosen One wasn’t chosen by the fans – they would probably have preferred The Special One – certainly in retrospect. But, in the same way that the marshals protect the banner at Old Trafford, Ferguson is ostensibly protecting David Moyes. Apparently he’s still behind the beleaguered boss.

If Ferguson wasn’t vouching for Moyes then he would surely have been sacked some time ago. In the same way, the banner would no longer be up for the opposition supporters to mock, if Manchester United fans had their way.

So, we can now clearly see that Manchester United is not being run as a democracy at present. In times of trouble decisions at the club are being made by the few while the fans’ feelings are so far falling on deaf ears. Let’s just hope, for the sake of Manchester United, that Fergie is right and he sees something in Moyes that the wider public doesn’t.

Because, based on his team selections and tactics so far, it’s hard to find any positives whatsoever in David Moyes’s time at Manchester United.

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