VIDEO: United star is just like watching RONALDO

VIDEO: United star is just like watching RONALDO


Some players are total enigmas – unbelievably good at one club but total chumps at another. Shevchenko and Torres at Chelsea come immediately to mind. And Veron and Berba never did the business at Manchester United after spellbinding spells at their previous clubs.

Similarly Bebe never really excited while he was at Manchester United with some really poor displays on the wing.

You feel that if he ever did return to Manchester United he might struggle in a similar fashion. Nevertheless, time and again in his spells on loan from the club, he has scored absolutely unbelievable goals.

His latest surely has to be the best of the lot. In fact we would go far to say that we have never seen a strike quite like this. We may have seen better goals but none quite like this. The only thing that we can liken it to is the piece of Ossie Ardiles magic in Escape to Victory – and that hardly counts.

The improvisation that Bebe employs with the back flick before scoring this goal is simply sensational – if Ronaldo or Messi scored it we would be talking about it for years.

So let’s see that goal it from the Portuguese – an absolute screamer. Manchester United fans do you think there is any way back for Bebe or should he be moved on at the end of the season ?

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  1. Vidic, Fardnan, Giggs, Nani, Marcheda, should leave $ Evra to be starting on bench. Lingard, Adnan, Zaha, Kagawa, Hanerndeze, Burtner, Bebe, should be given time play to prove themselves.