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Published on March 18th, 2014 | by soccersweep


Sir Alex needs to come clean to save Manchester United

Over the last few weeks few publications have neglected to mention that, at any club other than Manchester United, the manager would have been sacked based on this performance.

It’s actually amazing that Moyes has lasted this long. There are two apparent reasons for that. Firstly The Glazers gave Moyes a long term contract and expected a transitional period. Secondly, and by for the more salient point, Sir Alex gave Moyes a ringing endorsement as the next Manchester United manager.

Forget racehorses and Irish tycoons, Sir Alex Ferguson always struck us as someone who would do what was best for Manchester United. Sure, he’s a proud man. But not so stubborn that he would let Manchester United suffer based on his ego.

Ferguson is currently keeping David Moyes in a job and, in so doing, harming Manchester United. If Fergie went to the board today and admitted that he and made a mistake with Moyes then the new boss would be gone by tomorrow – simple as that.

So, whilst semi-retired, Fergie still has the fate of the club in his hands. He has the power to make this nightmare go away by owning up to a bad punt. We feel that the time is right for Sir Alex to make his presence felt at Manchester United once more. Hold his hands up and facilitate the departure of David Moyes – a nice guy but someone who simply doesn’t have the tools to take Manchester United on.

If David Moyes is still at Manchester United based on Fergie’s reference then it’s time for the old master to stop the train before it crashes.

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2 Responses to Sir Alex needs to come clean to save Manchester United

  1. Krshna says:

    SAF preferred choices were:-

    1- Ancelotti- who was snapped by Madrid as early as February..
    2) Pep Guaridola choose Bayern over United.
    3) Jurgen Klopp- Choose to stay at Dortmund.
    4) Jose Mourinho- who have should been “the One” but i don’t what happened here…

    He was running out of options and probably didn’t want another embarrassment, so he knew DM for a long time and new the qualities he would bring to the table, similar in ilk to SAF himself…
    So he made a decision and well it wasn’t the right one…
    Sir Alex needs to have a chat with DM and tell him that the job is too big for him and tell him to resign.!!.
    Best for both parties.!!.

  2. Brian says:

    I’m sorry to say but a change of manager and backroom staff with immediate effect is what is now required, an interim manager set up to be brough in to the end of the season with a new manager earmarked as soon as possible, it’s inconceivable to believe that Moyes will be given millions to spend on new players in the summer when he is perilously hanging on to his position by his finger tips.!!!!!!

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