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Manchester United: soccersweep says Moyes will be Sacked within 10 days


The next week or so should see Moyes’s departure

It’s one of those seasons where, just when you think it’s got as bad as it can, it gets worse. Every time Manchester United have been involved in a terrible performance this season – Fulham at home, Everton at home, Olympiacos away, to name but a few – you think that this must be the nadir. Manchester United can’t play this badly again.

But, of course, we are thinking about a Manchester United team run by a great coach in Sir Alex. All the default opinions that we have about the club overcoming any problems are based on the idea that they have the right person at the helm.

The most worry thing for Manchester United right now is that they patently do not have the right person in charge. David Moyes has overseen one disaster after another to leave some believing that this team would do a better job without anyone in charge.

We are led to believe that The Glazers are impressed by Moyes installing few iPads into the training complex – a small crumb of comfort indeed and surely not enough to keep him in one of the most high profile jobs in the world.

The performance levels at Manchester United are so low right now that few would give them any chance of beating Olympiacos by 3 goals this week. Beyond that Manchester United have to face City on Tuesday. We think United will lose that one too and, twinned with the European exit, that will be curtains for David Moyes.

Whatever the plan A of The Glazers, if Manchester United lose to City next week, then it’s time for plan B. Moyes will be out.

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