RvP can leave Manchester United – report

It’s all a lot of hot air at the moment. The suggestion that RvP will leave Manchester United this summer has no official grounding.

But his body language has betrayed a lack of satisfaction of late and the fact that he has shied away from the press, since his comments after Olympiacos, leads us to believe that he is assessing his options.

Noone could have expected the fall form grace that Manchester United have suffered under David Moyes this season and, at 30 years of age, RvP will want to be playing his last couple of years at the very top.

But reports today suggest that if RvP does decide that his future lies away from Old Trafford then he can potentially walk away.

The Express reports:

It is thought Van Persie has a ‘top four’ clause inserted into his contract which would mean should United finish out of the Champions League positions come the end of the season, then he would be free to speak to other clubs.

It doesn’t seem too outlandish to have such a clause in your contract. It could almost be standard practice for a top player at a club like Manchester United. Noone would expect them to finish outside the top four but, should crisis befall the club, a stellar player would want some kind of assurance that he could get out quickly.

We have said since the start of RvP’s unrest that we feel he could leave. We never felt it possible for Rooney, so engrained is he in the Manchester United culture. But, having only been at the club for 2 years, RvP may decide that its time to move on.

Manchester United fans – can Rooney and RvP play effectively in the same team?

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