Manchester United: Evidence that RvP is considering his options?

As we know, things can change in the blink of an eye in the mad world of football. Just over a month ago Wayne Rooney seemed most likely to leave Manchester United as Chelsea circled. Now, just weeks later, all the talk is that RvP will jump ship after just two seasons at Manchester United.

Of course, much of the ‘information’ that you receive on such situations is just media hype. The only suggestion that RvP himself has made about being less than satisfied is when he told reporters, post Olympiacos, that other Manchester United players he’d been occupying the zones that he liked to play in.

But he has given no direct hint at all about actually wanting to leave Manchester United this summer. Indeed, just last season he talked of wanting to stay at the club for his whole career. They are the last sound bytes we have which actually pertain to his career.

So how do we know that he’s unhappy at Manchester United and considering his options? Well it is precisely BECAUSE of that silence. Footballers use the media to their own ends these days. If they want a move, if they want a different position or an international call up, they do an interview which alludes to it.

The fact that RvP hasn’t come out to deny any of the rumours, since post-match in Olympiacos, tells us everything we need to know about his position. He could, in a few words to the press, quell all of the speculation lining him with a move from Manchester United.

But he hasn’t done it. Which tells us, in no uncertain terms, that he is keeping his options open. He isn’t enjoying life right now at his club. That doesn’t mean he will definitely leave. But his silence tells us that he’s in no rush to pledge his future to Manchester United.

Through all the Wayne Rooney speculation we never felt that he would end up leaving the club. But the RvP story feels different. With Rooney and RvP not hitting it off together on the pitch, we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see RvP leading the line for another side next season.

Manchester United fans – do you think RvP is off come May?

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