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Another solution?

With all the current turbulence at Manchester United some have suggested that the only way out of trouble is not only to get a new manager but new owners.

We at soccersweep discussed the potential for The Glazers’ departure last week and we think that it’s a story with more potential weight than many have considered.

You could easily argue that The Glazers are business people with no burning or traditional love of Manchester United or even association football.

With rumours abounding that Manchester United are about to spend a sensational amount of money to rejuvenate their squad, you can’t imagine that the thought of an exit wouldn’t have crossed their minds.

The potential spend of £200m could catapult Manchester United back to the fore. But it’s not an investment without risks. As we know, football is an unpredictable sport and there is no guarantee at all that the money will definitely buy immediate success.

If Manchester United manager David Moyes has another bad season more money will be wiped off the market value of the club and The Glazers won’t be able to recoup that massive investment for at least a few more years. Furthermore, more significant player investment will be required.

So, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if the story starts to grow of a Glazer departure over the summer, if a suitable buyer can be found.

Manchester United fan and founder of Bet Fred, Fred Done, spoke of such matters in the press this week:

Fred Done, who owns bookmakers BetFred, was once close to joining a consortium hoping to take over the Premier League champions.

However, the life-long Reds fan now reckons only a new billionaire owner can save his club.

He said: “City are murdering United. Sheikh Mansour has done fantastic for City as a club and for the city of Manchester.

“The Glazers are smart business people who pulled off a real coup. They sneaked up on United and bought it quietly and almost totally on debt.

“That’s clever. Their main concern is paying debt down and taking dividends out. To the Glazers it’s purely and simply a financial instrument.

If this is true then The Glazers may well look to jump ship rather than have to spend in order to make money again. Perhaps it’s going to be an even bigger summer for Manchester United than we thought.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dave

    Mar 6, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    An overhaul the size that’s being talked about will certainly cost more than 200mill

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