The Good News for Manchester United?

It’s hard to find any good news right now and it seems ever more likely that things will get worse before they improve – especially if Manchester United retain the services of David Moyes – a wholly uninspiring figure. What next? Are we about to see home defeats to Liverpool and Manchester City? On this form you wouldn’t be backing Manchester United with money – that’s for sure.

The one good thing about the current situation, which few have so far considered, is that it could force the Glazers out of the door. As we all know they are businessmen. They aren’t widely known to have been football fans or Manchester United fans since childhood. They took on a business interest which has paid handsomely due to success on the pitch.

But, in the last year, 25% has been shaved off the value of the club on the stock market. This has been due to the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson and the appointment and performance of David Moyes. Stock market values are based not just on the current state of the organisation but the future potential of that company.

You may think that the current value of Manchester United would keep moneymen like the Glazers even more entrenched in the club. Buy low and sell high would be the mantra for many a magnate.

But, with the entire infrastructure of the club looking vulnerable right now, The Glazers may decide to cash in rather than try to ride the storm, with no guarantees of improvement. At this point The Glazers could walk away with a tidy profit. But, without Champions League next season, those margins will drop significantly. And, with the top 4 all looking miles better than Manchester United right now, there are no guarantees at all that the following season will see a return to Europe’s top club competition.

If a ray of light could be found right now it is that the deeply unpopular owners of Manchester United may not simply be thinking about replacing Moyes. They could be considering their own exit from the club as an alternative to gambling hundreds of millions in an attempt to return Manchester United to the top.

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