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Manchester United: 2 players to bring Champions League home THIS SEASON


These two can bring him the big one for Manchester United

Manchester United are out of the domestic cups and miles off the pace in the league. It’s safe to say that they have no chance of retaining their title this time around. Even to finish fourth would be seen as a major surprise considering their current position. All they can do in the league is keep winning and see what happens.

But, it’s not all doom and gloom. Manchester United are still well and truly in the biggest club competition in the world. They are on level pegging with everyone left in the competition and there is no reason for them to think that they can’t win it if their form improves.

Ok Manchester United aren’t the best team in Europe right now. But the best team doesn’t always win. Look at Chelsea in 2012. They were awful in the league that season. Battered by Barcelona in the semis of The Champions League and cuffed by Bayern in the finals. Yet somehow they won out and enjoyed arguably their best season ever.

Manchester United will need luck but they can win the big one this season. But only if they keep Ferdinand and Vidic fit and in the side. David Moyes should rest them in the league – give the younger guys a chance. But, in Europe, he simply has to stick with the old guard.

What better swan song for Manchester United’s best ever central defensive partnership than to win The Champions Legaue in their final season together?

It sounds like a romantic idea. But these two will be vital if Manchester United are to get anywhere near the final.

There may be more mobile defenders at the club. But when these two play together they transmit composure and calm all over the pitch. Their knowledge of the game is second to none and the experience and telepathy that they share is just sensational. They shut up shop against Crystal Palace yesterday, in a way we have not seen that often this season, as David Moyes has chopped and changed the defence.

But, if Manchester United are going to win The Champions League this season, we believe that they absolutely must keep Rio and Vidic wrapped in cotton wool and preserved for the biggest games – because they are still the best defensive partnership at Manchester United by a country mile.

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  1. Andrew

    Feb 23, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    I couldn’t disagree with this point. If we are to have any chance of winning the CL then it might be Ferdinand and Vidic that give us the base to achieve it.

  2. adelugbatobiridwan

    Feb 23, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    rio nd vidic,they use to gamble,we need defender,then smally did nt shape in dat two,refeal is better than him,valencia can also play two.

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