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PICTURE: Moyes Must Stop Doing This NOW

Courtesy of The Daily Mail

Stop it Moyesy. Just stop it.

Regular readers of soccersweep will know that, while we respect the man, we have been underwhelmed at times by the management of David Moyes at Manchester United.

He is not without quality and we genuinely hope that he makes a success of it at his new club. But there have been many occasions that we have been dubious about selection policies and his way of utilising and coaching the players.

He has of course had a real nightmare with injuries. Only in the last week or so have we seen Manchester United anywhere near full strength. This has not made it easier for him. But he has still chopped and changed way too much. Actually, more times than any other manager in The Premier League. Manchester United have made 83 changes in their 24 games so far.

Image courtesy of The Daily Mail

Courtesy of The Daily Mail

Clearly you need to utilise your whole squad. Second placed Manchester City (72 changes) have shuffled with great success. But there have been periodic, voluntary and high profile omissions by Moyes, such as Rafael and Januzaj. Mata has been played out of position. And the Manchester United boss still doesn’t seem to know who his best centre backs are.

All we can say to Moyes is STOP! Stop making so many changes. That’s not how you gain momentum. Especially when a team is struggling for form, you should try to have some continuity – Moyes could have had more but he has chosen to chop and change in every game.

If Manchester United are going to have success this season they need to:

Keep the 4-2-3-1

Stop playing a 4-4-2 with awful wingers. Get the players used to a 4-2-3-1

Play Januzaj

This kid learns with every game. He’s already the best wide man at Manchester United. He should play every game on the left or right of the ‘3’ behind RvP

Mata at home and Kags in Europe

Mata is cup-tied for The Champions League so simply replace him with Kagawa and keep the same system in Europe.

Rio and Vida

They may struggle for fitness but they are still comfortably the best centre back pairing that Manchester United have. They need to be wrapped up in cotton wool for the big games – particularly in Europe. What a swan song for those two to win the Champions League – total poetry for such great servants.

Rafa not Smalling – We still like Smalling but his feet can let him down. Rafa is a far better right back. He’s dynamic, quick and offers real threat going forward. Proper United player. When fit, he has to play.

Manchester United fans – let’s have your thoughts.

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  1. Sikirulai

    Feb 24, 2014 at 5:34 pm

    Stop using welbeck an smalling an cleverly an young pls play Hernandez pls an kagawa too we miss them on the picth moyes play them too save your season,play kagawa beside Rooney an Rooney Chicharito play them too save your season play Chicharito an let him bring back Rooney back too form Up United

  2. Ikudaisi. S. Odunayo

    Feb 24, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    I support this view ‘cos it seem as Moyes doesn’t know anything about football when come to “sub”. Secondly, it doesn’t sound well for a manager to spent almost a year and still not to know the capability his player, and a player to changes his game for better. I suppor your motion that moyes shld stop making change in every game and am use this moment to urge moyes to play kagawa behind da striker also mata anytime he play anyone of them. Utd we never fall insha-Allah.

  3. NONYE

    Feb 25, 2014 at 9:30 am

    moyes is not qualified to handle utd. he signed mata and used him to bench januzaj while both can fit in the same match for better result. he don’t know the right position for the players he has making mess of utd squad. creating negative records every week. he should be sacked and experience coach be signed.

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