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FINALLY: Impressive words from David Moyes


Moyes improving

David Moyes’s career at Manchester United has, so far, been pockmarked by bad results, poor performances and even worse PR.

We all knew that it would take time for the new man to adjust to his greater surroundings at Manchester United. But, while Jose Mourinho gives impeccable press conferences every week in London, with not a word out of place, David Moyes has often given the impression that he is struggling to complete a sentence.

He has bumbled his way through many a press conference and must cringe when seeing them in playback. It’s not that he lacks intelligence – he may not be the most eloquent person but you don’t get the Manchester United job unless you are a bright spark – it’s more a lack of composure when faced with the press.

Right from the off, he forgot the name of winger Ashley Young and had to be reminded by a member of his team, during one of his first open interviews as Manchester United manager. This seemed to set the tone for a wholly unimpressive catalogue of press conferences, which have done little to fill the fans with confidence.

But he is slowly finding his feet. Where many would have folded under the pressure by now, Moyes has a grit, a grim determination to survive and a tenacity to keep going regardless of the pressure.

In concluding a deal with Wayne Rooney in the week David Moyes gave his more assertive and convincing performance yet. He said:

‘He knows by the way I train, by the way I work, by my determination to succeed that I won’t allow this (club) to go the way it is. I’ll make changes if it doesn’t improve.

‘I said to you as well, and you’ll get to know when I say it I mean it, that we’d be in for all the best players in the world – and that hasn’t changed.

‘All the top players want to play for Manchester United. I can’t tell you the amount of phone calls I’ve had from top players around the world who want to play for Manchester United.’

For us, these are the bet soundbytes to come from the Manchester United manager yet. One thing that you can say about Moyes is that he hasn’t sold us a line and then under-delivered. Sure he has been extremely merciful in some of the analysis of his team’s performances this season. But he has learnt very quickly not to promise something he can’t deliver.

Here, he reassures the fans that the Manchester United empire will not be allowed to crumble. He also implies that Manchester United have lined up some stellar stars for the summer.

All in all, it’s got to go down as Moyes’s best week in charge of Manchester United yet.

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