Hazard vs Januzaj – who will be the better player?

Many would agree that Manchester United’s Adnan Januzaj and Chelsea’s Eden Hazard represent the two best young attacking talents in The Premier League. At 23 we can just about still call Hazard a youngster. At 19 years of age, Adnan Januzaj is clearly still learning his game. We compare Chelsea and Manchester United stars in a head-to-head.


Hazard has come on in leaps and bounds this season in many parts of his game. But his raw talent has always been apparent. He’s got super quick feet and loves to beat his man. 8

Januzaj has a languid brilliance in the way he moves the ball. He’s deceptively fleet of foot and he will leave many a defender on his bottom throughout his career. If anything, the teenager just shades it on technique. 9


Hazard is a flying machine off the mark. He may not be the quickest over longer distances but that burst of pace that he has is priceless. 9

Januzaj is never going to have blinding pace and this could be the only element that leaves some doubting as to whether he will become a truly world class player. Although no slouch himself, he will have to rely more on his technique than Hazard, in order to beat a man. 7


Although Januzaj is getting stronger by the week, Hazard’s body has clearly developed more at 23 and he is currently the stronger of the two.

Hazard 8
Januzaj 6


Chelsea’s Hazard is so fast that he can twist the blood of the opposition. 8

Januzaj has something extra special in his understanding of how to beat a man. He possesses a manner of trickery that has already seen some jaw dropping moments in his Manchester United career. 9


Januzaj can hit the ball so well with both feet that it’s sometimes difficult to discern which is his stronger side. He will gain power in his shot with age.7

Hazard is the top goal scorer for Chelsea this season with 13. He has turned the potential into hard stats. 9


Neither player will ever be Cristiano Ronaldo with their head. 4 a piece.


Hazard has had better positioning coached into him. 7

Januzaj has a natural ability to find the right spaces. 8


Hazard had a moment of madness with a ‘ballman’ last season but has shown little to no petulance since. 8

The Manchester United man, like Hazard, has an arrogance but also plays with composure. 8


Hazard is certainly the more explosive of the two players right now and is scoring goals for fun. Januzaj is considerably younger but already bears comparison to his Chelsea counterpart. While we think that the Manchester United star will ultimately be regarded as an even more skilful technician than Hazard, we think that the Chelsea man will end his career with more prolific scoring stats than Januzaj.

Hazard 61

Januzaj 59

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