Chelsea – new No.1 summer target?


Change of striker plans?

Jose’s back! Some had begun to think that Mourinho had mellowed, during his 6 year sabbatical from The Premier League,
But he has slowly cranked up the intensity of the title race over the last fortnight by generating some fighting talk aimed at Arsenal and Manchester City.

The Chelsea boss obviously has a sniff of glory and feels that it’s time to find the psychological high ground, as he has so many times over his controversial, yet highly successful career.

But if Chelsea don’t win the title this season Jose won’t be too frustrated. You get the feeling that he has well and truly sunk his teeth into Chelsea for the long-term and wants to build a squad in his ideal image.

This team will most probably include a new striker. Unless Mourinho can coax the best out of a Fernando Torres who seems in terminal decline, then a stellar striker will be on the cards. In response to questions from reporters about why he hadn’t signed striker in January, Mourinho said:

I’ve said that for a couple of months. Nothing in January [for a forward]. For many people, you and our fans, people don’t understand why we didn’t do anything. But in the summer you will understand why we didn’t do anything.”

So we expect Chelsea to do a big deal for a striker in the summer. The question is who? Mourinho speaks as if a deal is already in the pipeline. Cavani, Balotelli, Hulk and other high profile strikers have been linked. But reports today suggest that Chelsea may go down a different route. The Guardian says:

Elsewhere, you’d think José Mourinho had enough on his plate, what with his relentless spat with Arsène Wenger, but, after running out of “Kick Me” stickers, he has once more turned his attention to managing a football team. That his Chelsea team is short of a centre-forward who does what centre-forwards are meant to do is well known…

….Mario Mandzukic is precisely the kind of lump to appreciate his patronage, and will be displaced this summer when Robert Lewandowski arrives in Munich.

Mandzukic, 27, has represented Croatia 46 times scoring 13 goals. He’s been at Bayern Munich for a similar number of matches and scored 16 goals. He moved from Wolfsburg in 2012 for £13m Euros after netting 20 goals in 56 games.

In general, he’s got a super scoring record wherever he has played. He look a like a safe bet, if not the dream signing.

Let’s see the lad in action. Chelsea fans – potatoes boiled?


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  1. Chelsea Alan

    Feb 19, 2014 at 4:45 am

    Personally I would doubt that Mario Mandzukic is on Jose’s radar. His average of roughly one goal in three matches isn’t high enough for Chelsea’s needs. I suspect that a deal with Athletico Madrid has or is being brokered for Costa involving the sale of Chelsea keeper Courtoise or Fernando Torres. Costa has a far better goals per game record than Mario Mandzukic. Cavani will also be on Jose radar as we will need more than one top striker to get through a whole season. How many top strikers do City have.

  2. Benjamin alban

    Feb 19, 2014 at 6:55 am

    I think jose knows what he’s doing and what he want to do,I think he want to pick a striker from the world cup in brasil,trust me he buy one of the best striker,chelsea 4 ever

  3. La Paix Se Gagne!

    Feb 19, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    I wish we could bring Cavanni or Costa. But I am not the coach and can not do anything about it so,I’ll support whatever Mourinho does coz I trust him and believe in him. Blue for ever!

  4. godson i

    Feb 19, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    Yah, I luv what jose is doing presently in my chelsea team, let him choose the best from the world cup in the sumer.chelsea for life.

  5. godson i

    Feb 19, 2014 at 7:39 pm

    I don’t know why roman sepreted with the best team.maneger in the world,in the first place, he reads games, he calcutes everything before he does It, he produces football fomations b4 other coach endose it, and he produces result at once,don’t worry by net season chelsea would be unbetable in europ under wonderful jose the special one and the happy one.

  6. godson i

    Feb 20, 2014 at 8:40 am

    I mean I don,t know.why roman parted with jose in his first stay at stamford bridge, he is the best coach in the world enen though uefa did nt recognise him,god knows he is the best,he reads every games and then produces a formation to the openents game plan,he makes an individual player to know that he can withstand any oppenet in the world of football. He has produce formations that other coaches are using to win matches today,he is building a new chelsea in less than six months, it took arsnal 7 seasons to build, nw at the end of the season uefa will pep the best coach in the world,under already made baryan munich, he won it with already made fc barcelona,by radgecad,whe he saw that the players are getting old,weak,tired he then resigned and switch to baryan muinich,infact jose is simply the best.

  7. godson i

    Feb 20, 2014 at 8:53 am

    Jose,should go for cavani,falcao suareze,or coaster.nt the regected byrn man.

  8. Sean

    Feb 21, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    JM good. Our major problem is not the strikers, we’ve had world class strikers before who are far better than what we have now appart from Eto who had reach that level before. Likes of Crispo, Shevchenko. Who just came to chelsea right after he won world best player award. People don’t understand why JM is buying midfielders by the grace of God we’ve got one, matic, now we need another who will take Frank Lampard position and Ramires because they score sometimes so we don’t see it, the only thing I like about Ramires is about his running and talking box to box. Worst thing is that, they shoot anyhow anywhere from where they stand and others also dribbling around when a striker will be well position waiting for the ball, after the striker has given up or disappointed. Then the pass will come, having said that, they don’t create any chance for the strikers they shoot for themselves, Frank is selfish which is one factor which is killing us. When you look at Baca, you see Xavi, inesta. Mancty, Yaya and co. B, Minich midfielders. Real Madrid, Xavi Alonso and co. Lipool, Steven Gerald. How many times do you see them scoring or shooting anyhow from anywhere but, always one or two names, CR, Messi , Suars, Agureo and co why? They are not selfish but, they create chances for the strikers and the team. So if we see this problem and deal with it, we will appreciate our strikers who has come and gone and those who are still there. Drogba was the only one who has the ability to defend and individualist style and Essian when he was in form help a lot, with Essian we have Matic now so we still need that creative, attacking and no selfish midfielder to do the work like others for us.

  9. Antonio.

    Feb 21, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    D best strika 4 Chelsea is D.costa.
    Bt if it involve swappin Courtois, den 2 Hell wit it.

    Mourinho shud do evrythng 2 bring Costa 2 chelsea only on cash, he shud bid up 2 £45.m bid or £50.m.

    TORRES. Ba, Eto’o, Mikel, cole, out.

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