Done Deal? Bookies suspend bets on Manchester United transfer

As usual there were many who jumped the gun yesterday with the regards the completion of the biggest transfer of the window – Juan Mata from Chelsea to Manchester United.

The Telegraph, who were one of the first to report that a fee had been agreed, has stuck to its story and who are we to question such a rock steady source. If The Telegraph says it’s done, then it’s usually done.

We are still waiting for pictures of Mata at Manchester United, despite the hype about him leaving Chelsea by helicopter to complete his medical.

While we wait for official news, what we do know is that bookies have stooped taking bets on Mata to Manchester United.

Yesterday morning Bet Victor and SkyBet shortened their odds considerably with the news that a deal could be struck between Chelsea and Manchester United.

But developments last night have forced both to suspend the market on Mata to Manchester United. Odds for Juan Mata to Manchester United no longer appear on the Bet Victor or Sky Bet websites. Whether they have inside knowledge or it’s simply a case of them safeguarding themselves due to the overwhelming hype, is unclear. But they do say that the bookie usually gets it right. So this seems to be yet another portent that the deal is all but done.

Manchester United fans can, it seems, soon rejoice.

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