The Good News For Tottenham

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So it may seem like doom and gloom at Tottenham right now. Many of the mongers of disaster, who predicted a catastrophe when Gareth Bale left the club in the summer, will feel vindicated right now.

But we always believed that the catastrophe happened way before that. On June 20th 2012 we wrote an article entitled AVB to Tottenham? Noooooooooo which argued that Tottenham were foolish to let go of ‘arry but would be absolutely off their chops to hire AVB. We got a lot of stick at the time from Tottenham fans who, commendably, got behind their new man.

We regularly get it wrong of course and don’t want to gloat – indeed, little would make us happier than to see Tottenham winning trophies – but, the whole idea of AVB managing Spurs stank from the start. A man who seems to get bogged down by petty arguments with individuals, who don’t matter, rather than getting on with the job of winning games with attractive football.

Some may point, in defence of the man, to his win ratio at Tottenham. But AVB had Teenwolf, AKA Gareth Bale, in the side for most of his tenure. My gran would have a decent management record with him in the side.

So the good news for Tottenham is that AVB has gone. It’s a joyous day for the club. They were wrong to appoint him but right to get rid.

So arse soccersweep, I hear you say, Who IS the right manager for Tottenham? Well I’ll give you three who could win trophies while maintaining the traditional Tottenham mantra of playing beautiful football.

Mauricio Pochettino – another AVB? Not by a long chalk. Pochettino knows how to get his team playing. His style is clear for all to see. Fear noone. Play high up the pitch. Don’t allow the opposition a second on the ball. Play a passing game. Simple and effective.

Micheal Laudrup – This guy is a major manager waiting to happen. He’s intelligent, humble and commands huge respect due to his legendary status as a player.

Roberto Martinez – Another young manager with the world at his feet. He’s no flash in the pan either. He has imbued Everton with a superb playing style in just a few short months. Another who, unlike AVB, has a clear idea of how his team should play stylistically. Would be the hardest of the three to hire as he has just signed with a major club.

Job done! Thoughts please Tottenham fans.

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  1. Al H.

    Dec 17, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    I gotta say that Roberto M at spurs is an intriguing idea …..he when with Wigan did not have much to work with , goes to Everton then is producing some nice and also brilliant football , raises question is what could he do with the talent we have ?

  2. Dee

    Dec 17, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    Rubbish argument. Harry had a much better squad and never got the points tally AVB got. In fact toward the end of last season we had to play our last games with Huddlestone and Parker in the middle and played some decent sides i.e. City/Chelsea to boot whilst also juggling the demands of the Europa league. These guys had hardly played much before Dembele and Sandros injury..Harry did a god job but cost us big time. £13 points clear and f*cking up cost us millions in CL revenue..His failure to get us in the champions league twice when looking absolutely nailed on was the beginning of the end. Glad Harry left just a shame AVB due to circumstances within the club even you cant claim to know anything about cost him his job.

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