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Gary Neville for United?

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Does Moyes have any kind of plan?

It makes so much sense. It may not happen straight away. You might also argue that he lacks the experience to go straight into the top job at Manchester United.

But the best managers in the league right now are the young ones, with technical acumen and bold philosophies. Youth has no fear.

Pochettino, Martinez, Laudrup? No fear. Bold young managers who stick to the belief that If it doesn’t work then at least I can say I did it my way. These are the sort of visionaries that you need in your club. Mourinho made a mint from that mantra.

You can see from his work on Sky Sports that Gary Neville not only has a good understanding of football strategy but also knows how he wants his teams to play.

The former England right-back worked for 20 years under one of the great football strategists of all time and he has all the qualities that Manchester United currently need. A strong football philosophy, passion and knowledge of the club he loves.

Although the dusty hallwayed process of picking the next Manchester United manager may not include a ringer like Gary Neville, we believe that he would be the perfect man to lead the club forward successfully.

David Moyes currently looks sheepish and paralysed by the weight of expectation at United but if Gary Neville took the job as manager, he would feel as if he was re-entering a family home. Like Pep returning to Barca, Neville knows exactly what makes the club tick.

You simply can’t see a strategy in Moyes’ work right now. You can’t see anything that he is putting into place that will bode well for the future. You see a guy in charge of great players who are seriously under performing. We just can’t see a clear plan.

Can anyone tell us what Moyes’ plan is?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. [email protected]

    Dec 6, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    Toss up between Ole and Gary…….certainly a place for Phil and Giggsy……..The whispers are already echoing around Old Trafford……and from influential people..
    1.No summer Transfer plan….What was he doing?
    2.Saha was excellent pre-season..He has not had a look in
    3.Big Dave Fellaini (Rodney Trotter)….Figures for midfield tackles v Everton……52%……Slow….no vision….was tired in the 2nd half.USELESS……$27million….
    4.Ashley Young now restored to the bench…..Useless
    5.Cleverley…….No thank you…..
    6.Anderson ….good in pre-season…..Not given a chance so far.
    7.Danny Wellbeck…..Vs Chicarito …look at the goal stats…
    9.Rumours that he does not rate Rafael,or Evans
    10.Undermining the excellent Evra….And will pay 20m for Baines…..’His’ guy……
    11.RVP more injuries so far than AALL of last year
    12.A very poorly prepared team……mentally and physically
    13……Him and Round……out of their depth
    14….Comparisons…..Everton now under a manager who was mostly in the relegation zone……have a better chance of top 4 than us.
    15 This was a Premier league champions team……and he has brought down to his mid-table mentality……And do not give me the crap that Fergie struggled at the start……he had won many trophies beore he came…..This guy has won nothing……
    16.The Champions league results…..only qualifying due to poor opposition.
    17.Liverpool are above us.
    18.He has never beaten Liverpool.
    19.Rooney already losing his temper
    20.Overplayed vidic and Ferdinand.
    21.Why was Vidic on against Lukaku?
    22.Why are the kids…..Fernandez,Macheda,etc,etc all doing better away from Moyes…..Janujez is starting to look jaded
    23.Now …..RVP has handed in a transfer request.
    Please feel free to add………

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