Mourinho to return

Mourinho to return



The charmingly cheeky, sporadically spoilt and moderately misunderstood ex Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho, has once again put himself in the shop window for a return to The Premier League at the end of the season.

With the Real Madrid president’s finger perilously close to the trap door button, after Mourinho’s controversial and somewhat troubled second year in charge, Jose seems to be sorting out an exit strategy already.

He has been strongly linked to Manchester United over the last couple of years but Sir Alex ferguson refuses to budge. Many thought that a return to Chelsea would be out of the question after the acrimony which surrounded his departure. But, along with Manchester City, Chelsea would have to be on the shortlist of potential destinations. The ever relevant Guardian quotes him as saying:

‘My memories from English football could not be better. It was my first experience outside of Portugal – I was still a very young coach when I left Portugal to go to England. But there couldn’t be a better place to go. In England you feel the real passion for the game. You also don’t feel what we feel in almost every other country which is the passion for clubs. In England, it’s not just about passion for clubs, it’s mainly about passion for football – and you feel it.’

We at soccersweep suspect that Mourinho would be the overwhelming first choice of Chelsea fans. Forget Pep. Jose is a Chelsea idol. But we are keen to hear from you about it. Is Jose the man for Chelsea or should Roman try for Guardiola in the summer?

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