Final piece of the jigsaw for Tottenham?


With just a couple of weeks to go until the winter window of hope opens once more, speculative stories are saturating the sports pages around the globe. In reality, the festive fenetre can be a bit of a damp squib, with most of the deals being done by the desperate. But it’s only AVB’s second window at Tottenham so one would imagine he will have his eye on several players.

We all know that he covets another creative spark in the midfield and the latest name to do the rounds is that of Ajax creator Christian Eriksen. At 20, he already has 30 caps for Denmark and nearly 100 starts for Ajax. With 20 goals in his senior club career, he knows where the net is and has the sort of footballing vision which could lead him to greatness.

Whether Spurs are prepared to pay the £20m that the Guardian is purporting remains to be seen.  He’s good but perhaps not that good. A Tottenham bid for Joao Moutinho remains a realistic alternative.

We do think that Tottenham will spend in January and we will keep you up to date with developments.

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