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Published on August 16th, 2012 | by soccersweep


Striker finally on the way to Chelsea?

It’s been an ongoing saga at Stamford Bridge. Despite spending more than any other Premier League team this summer there is still much speculation about Chelsea’s need for another top centre forward. With Fernando Torres’ nerves shredded and RVP having chosen United, it appears that the most obvious two targets are Edinson Cavani and Porto’s Hulk.

Chelsea seem to have been see-sawing between the two all summer. Perhaps, in truth, they would be happy with either. Cavani exploded last season scoring multiple goals in a resurgent Napoli side. Since 2010 he has scored 48 goals in 69 appearances for the Italian club. Hulk has the grace of a falling feather but the power of a bulldozer. He looks almost as if he has been computer designed for The Premier League.

A deal doesn’t look like it will happen before the season starts and Chelsea have recently complained about inflated transfer fees. The other consideration for the top brass at Chelsea is whether signing another high profile striker would provide the final nail in the coffin for the ego of Torres.

Cavani has emerged as the more serious target, if reports are to be believed, but Hulk has made a plea to his current employers to let him go to The Premier League.

 ‘I didn’t talk too much with my agent about the chance of being transferred, because I have been on duty with the Brazilian national team at the Olympics.

‘This could be the time for me to move. I would feel comfortable with moving clubs and the English league is one that appeals to me.

‘I am going to talk about my future from Monday. My future is in the hands of God.’

The last couple of weeks of the transfer window will be very interesting for Chelsea



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112 Responses to Striker finally on the way to Chelsea?

  1. Dat will be gud 4him $ de chelsea futball club.

  2. samad says:

    i think we should just buy this guy or cavani.

  3. Ochu says:

    RDM-Make i fast pls?

  4. Kingsley Williams says:

    I wonder this obsession with Cavani and the over rated Hulk. Lets just get Moses; a proven premier league player, and Llorente, who has indicated interest in a move

  5. olowu says:

    wish hulk could come 2 d bridge

  6. segun says:

    we need cavani not hulk

  7. Hulk is nt a gud choice

  8. Jude says:

    I dn’t know actual what is goin on here,let somebody tells me what is goin on…2day chlsy wil sign mr A,2moro chlsy will sign mr B,who nd who are we going 2 sign…?Moses Cavani nd Hulk pls I need clearance….

    • teepapi says:

      Wot wrng wit ‎​‎​Ʊ̲̣̣̣̥ ar nt tru chealsea,plx clear us so as 2 knw wich ‎​‎​Ʊ̲̣̣̣̥ blng 2 mr. Man…….gud day

  9. Well an happy to see dis players coming

  10. Am not in full support in hulk dear

  11. eric prempeh says:

    hulk is meant for da premiership so we should go for him**

  12. Edwin says:

    Pls RDM, buy cavani and moses, leave Hulk ok? Be fast about this good buying.

  13. Eddy says:

    plaese chelsea should try and sign hulk or cavani ontime beacuse for tores he needs a stronge and a physical strenth striker to support him

  14. Ghetto says:

    If he want 2 join the champhon let him force a move like torres do. Cos i’m sick nd tired of this saga/ and also 150k is not 2 much 4 cavani get pls.

    • NIC£~T CHELSEA says:

      Mr Gheto how can somebody collecting £45,000 a week just withing a tinkle of an eye demanding £150,000 a week like our legends john terry, frank lampard? Is he that greedy? He most be insan.

  15. Collinz says:

    I tink is gud 4 chelsea 2 go 4 llorente wuh wil partna wel wit his country man torrez!

  16. Get us victor m and cavani 150 is not 2much 4him up chelsea

  17. Kenny says:


  18. Kelly onos says:

    I dnt even understand d structure putin in plan by chelsea to sign moses. Moses is a good player i know what he can do in chelsea. Why not sign moses? Instant we continue talk about hulk, cavani wit so much big wage why?

  19. Franklin says:

    RDM dis message is frm God almighty go nd buy cavani.leave hulk buy moses 2.hulk wnt play wot we want if we buy him but buying cavani and moses we wil be proud of them the league is ours no matter wot if only u listen to God’s voice go go go go. Make dy transfer be4 next match.

  20. Alex A.A says:

    lets go 4 moses and cavani nd 4get about hulk

  21. Udoka Nnaji says:

    I think hulk will be a good player for chelsea, if he join chelsea

  22. I dn’t lyk all diz type of transfer, u re jst mention dem all d tym, y, plz jst sign d player u tink is gud 4 us.

  23. adex says:

    as for me i preafear cavani dan hulk pls Abramovic shoul sing moses and cavani.150k is not too murch for striker like cavani 3rd in the word.

  24. olorunfemi stephen says:

    cavani is a better choice to hulk.

  25. akinwumi says:

    pls sign moses first and sign hulk let 4 get cavani dat #150 is 2 much 4 him

  26. Emeka says:

    I don’t like Hulk style of football.

  27. mohammed says:

    Cavani nd Moses are better than hulk

  28. mohammed says:

    I don’ like d style of hulk playing

  29. says:

    Plz d board wat is happenin,new news all the time nd no singing wat.plz get moses modric, cezer azepcueta.nd sell maluda,merales,kakuta, benayun den loan romeu

  30. Abukar says:

    2 me cavani is a better striker dan Hulk.sign 4 us cavani be4 de transfer window is closed because dis man scores and assists more dan Hulk.

  31. Damian says:

    The management should stop putting we chelsea fans on suspends as we will sign this we av sign that at the end nothing is done why don’t u just go a head and do that which u think is good for the club and stop the suspends for Christ sake !

  32. sam jide says: #Modrid is already A̶̲̥̅̊ Madrid player. #Azspilicueta will be A̶̲̥̅̊ chelsea player by tomorrow evening and at most saturday morning. #Moses to chelsea is looking unlikely but expect A̶̲̥̅̊ deal for him in the coming days. #Hulk is A̶̲̥̅̊ necessary player for #chelsea. If you watched the olympics and the super cupa de itlalia you’ll know that #Cavani is being hyped by his big mouth president. We should’ve bought #Lavezzi cause it was him not cavani that did most of the dirty works and assist @napoli. #Hulk fits more into our system…can play as A̶̲̥̅̊ RW or CF if #Torres goes of form. Thank you. Please follow me on twitter @DONPATOJ.

  33. Hakeem hamzat says:

    Pls stop keep us in suspense while not buy the better one that will be Relay on fans need good sticker blue 4 life…

  34. Christopher says:

    Hello pls Lets sign moses & cavani that is de best option For nown thanks up chelsea

  35. michael says:

    cavani n moses alone n one rite defender we dont need hulk jor hazard is there 4 us

  36. Hammed says:

    Lorente is better he will colect low wages than hulk and cavani soo he will support torres

  37. Pele says:

    Chelsea should get Hulk, Moses nd Apz! Getting a Cavani wld only push a promising Torres baq to d bench and not to forget Chelsea cant play 2 strikers up front. Get a Hulk who can play on d wings and as wel play d striking position if necessary. Chelsea lost d match against Mancity due 2 dere physical fitness. We nid a Hulk to put pressure on other teams. We lost a physically fit Player like Drogba we nid anoda physcially strong player upfront like Hulk. Mata, Torres, Hazard, Oscar, Marin re al soft playerz. We al saw how Hazard ws brushed aside many tymes by City playerz on Sunday.

  38. Holub says:

    RDM: pls complete deal on moses first nd continour signing cavani b4 window close be fast nd make fans happen

  39. Suji Olusesi says:

    i am tired of latest news concerning the transfer market. Let chelsea sign anyone that’s suit our style of playin Moses and hulk/cavani

  40. Sunday says:

    Please my darling RDM by moses and cavani. Think think think before darkness cover you

  41. chris says:

    chelsea are on many players.i think they should concentrate on signing cavani,moses to support torres and one right back….

  42. abimiku says:

    pls get us schrulle of germany. he is young, fast,energytic & he can score unexpected far distance goals besides he is cheaper compare to hulk & cavani.

  43. Gotom says:

    The players we hve re enough except the coach don’t know wat is doing,why do we loan out lukaku?we hve piazon,torres,dan.s, hazard but bcos we don hv gud manager we re just throwing money around 4 less quality players.pls lets maintain wat we hve to save money

  44. Shanshy says:

    With de imminent signing of Moses and Ceaser,CFC hv enough strikers in Torres,Sturidge and Piazon bt need addition in de midfield wit any of these guys,J.Martinez,Dembele,Fellaini,Witsel or Moutinho and besides,Ramires can cover RWB pstn in a 3-4-3 pattern.

  45. Chelsea should go for hulk do to his power his style of play fit the epl thanks blues 4 life.

  46. Not buy sign huik. Cavani it to make us of then chelsea not need wing what then need is point man

  47. wht i jst want is chelsea 2 sign at least two strikers b4 d league begin.

  48. Victor says:

    Let 4get about Hulk and go 4 Calvani

  49. Hammed says:

    Go forlorente is better he will colect low wages and you will buy him in small price than hulk and cavani soo he will support torres

  50. I think all need now is cavani and moses. Not hulk pls. RDM my happness is in your hands

    • Ovans elnino says:

      We nid hulk nd moses but nt cavani coz we av enough strikers,d likes of fernando,sturridge nd lucas piazon,lets just give dem time till january transfer window nd if dey’re yet to deliver 4 us,we can now go 4 a high profile striker.up blue

      • Peterclaver m says:

        Pls i prefer edison cavanni to hulk. I watched hulk at the concluded olympics in london, he play absolute nonsense. Pls i want cavanni.

  51. Abukar says:

    If de teams like city use physical game y don’t we use tiki-taka passes like Barcelona so dat ur opponent will become tired nd u score goals easily like other thing our defenders nowadays let de strikers 2 score like what dey did during de game of city.p/z keep up ur spirits and defend our net.4 de attackers’ u shouldn’t dribble de ball more becoz dis will give ur opponent 2 reorganize demselves back.i mean quick nd accurate passes nd crosses is needed in our team.4ever blue fan.

    • pele says:

      Barca’s tik-tak football is a tradition and its not something they are learning today! Their tik-tak football is called ‘Rondo’ according to Xavi, that is what they do in training as well has the youth team! That is why you see teams would only try to play like Barca but neva like them. As well no Team in the world can ever have the possession of the ball than Barca. You can’t just change Chelsea’s playing style over nite, don’t forget that was one of AVB’s dream and he crashed out at the end. Chelsea has been known since 2004 for there physical strength, so do you think they can then play like Barca over night?

  52. Paul says:

    Why do these players insist on putting their futures in the hands of God? What are his fees in comparison to a good agent?

  53. Oluchi ephraim says:

    I prefere Cavani to Hulk

  54. Abafe says:

    Pls let sign moses 1st b4 will get any striker pls,i dont belive in cavani or hulk moses is good player let buy it now before sunday march pls.cfc 4 life.

  55. Muhammed says:

    RMD you knw the best to sighn get it for us up blues

  56. Hammed says:

    Get cavani nd moses nt hulk

  57. Solly says:

    It is better chelsea take both of them which is hulk and cavani.

  58. ibrahim Tanko Kings says:

    its gud dat hulk is finally coming to chelsea

  59. Jkabal says:

    Its better we sign a striker dat uses both legs instead of hulk dat use left alone.sign cavani and moses

  60. Haruna abdul says:

    We nid cavani,lorrente,or dzeko.not hulk,

  61. Kumuyi adedayo says:

    I prefer cavani dan hulk,cos cavani is both leg shooter nd very wiser striker dan hulk.pls sign cavani rather dan hulk up chelsea.

  62. NIC£~T CHELSEA says:

    Chelsea forever fellas, pls RDM we really need cesar azpilliqueta pretty urgently and a supportive striker for torres, and if possible moses. Chelsea till the trumpet sound.

  63. We nid hulk,moses and a right back.if not hulk then cavani.if nt moses then hulk,moses and a right back are the must.pliz mr roman and RDM PUL UP THE SOCKS B4 IT IS 2 LATE.BLUES 4 LIFE.

  64. ALEEM25 says:

    buy cavani & moses leave hulk with his selffishness

    • Roberto Di Matteo says:

      Ok my people, i’ve seen ur comments, most of wnt to see Cavani nd Moses so dats d choice i’ll make. I’ll sign dem both before the transfer window closes. Its our season to shine. UP CHELSEA!

  65. Esan says:

    we should go for Moses, Hulk and azp. Blues for life!

  66. Akkenworld says:

    Let us forget hulk nd cleave to cavani nd let use our squad with sense RMD

  67. nchedo emezie says:

    i don’t tink dt hulk can give us wht we want ,let us go 2 cavani or lonente

  68. Augustine Essien says:

    Look, Mr RDM we are tired of all this rumour, we just need a right back and a striker who will support our main man Torres. There is no time on our side, we the fans are hungry of success this season so pls do something before u are sacked………….

  69. Cory says:

    i think we should buy Moses first, he has proven himself in the premier league already with a team as small as Wigan, just imagine what he could do for Chelsea. Hulk would be a good buy aswell he’s great at running with the ball just like Hazard, Hulk would fit into our team better than Cavanni!

  70. victorkefe oboro says:

    Chelsea owner has d money. Roman Abramovich plz go cavani, moses and luriente as d strikers.

  71. lekan says:

    Hulk or cavani doesn’t worth d transfer fee. Cavani doesnt worth more than 100k per week. If we give him the 150k, that is how it will continue in other transfers. Torres is better than them we only need somebody as a backup. We have better options like ideye, demba ba or soldado. Spend wisely.

  72. victorkefe oboro says:

    look at man unite, man city if they start to be winning us, u will be sacking inoccent coach plz try nd do something plz.

  73. So special if the deal can be done soon.chelsea need hulk or cavani at front and cesar of OM as a replacement for bosingwa.chelsea just need two players as an urgent.

  74. Chidi solomon says:

    I think who ever the club deem more important and signed we will fully give our support to. They should do it fast pls.

  75. Asorokill says:

    Please Mr Chelsea Manager, help us to sign Hulk for the betterment of the club

  76. Olanrewaju saheed says:

    Pls give us..moses & hulk

  77. soofreshh says:

    Plz hurry an complete the signing of hulk chelsea need a experience forward to. Ease the pressure off torres buying cavani u wud have to buy moses as well plz sign hulk in time am a true fan.

  78. I will prefer hulk, cavani, and moses in chelsea team

  79. Bullet says:

    We chelsea fan said we need carvani not hulk carvani is a dangerious player who can move anywhere score any angle carvani is the best for chelsea.

  80. Lekan desmond says:

    D manager shld buy moses and cavani. Bt not 2 pay him 150k. He shld be colletin 90k or 95k dat shld b enough 4 him.

  81. Lekan desmond says:

    There ar some player that play better than hulk and so cavani. Torres play more than them but he just need a little back up himself.we can even go for dembaba there good and confident enough.

  82. Cavani better than hulk it is batter for chelsea to buy cavani not hulk.

  83. Alade Damola says:

    Chelsea, I know this guy will good for us if we can buy it,and he will prove himself.

  84. samuel says:

    y is chelsea delaying d issue of moses with little 2 offer? Or cus is an AFRICAN MAN! If moses co,es frm englang he would av cost up to £20m

  85. Please roma abramovic please signing Moses and cavani and live hulk for the….

  86. All d 3 players(hulk,cavani,moses) ‘re gud. Pls RDM go nd get 1 nd stop bitin ard d bush.

  87. All d 3 players (cavani,hulk & moses) are gud. Pls RDM go nd get 1 nd stop bitin ard d bush.

  88. Chelsea certainly needs a strong striker such as Cavani, Hulk or Moses.pls RDM, go nd get 1 or 2 of dem nd rule europ again.

  89. tymo says:

    moses is the best, for get abt hulk and caveni.

  90. Irey michael says:

    pls chelsea needs cavani not hulk n chelsea also needs moses n apilicueta,,,these 3players are gud:cavani,,moses,,apilicueta,,up blues

  91. Parnel says:

    whether Hulk or Cavani is coming to Chelsea,pls lets complete d signing of Moses,he will fit in to chelsea,he is energetic,holds d ball and is good in both flancks. I believe Roman wont miss out on that guy.He is cheap and an established EPL player.Think and spend wisely.

  92. hakeem says:

    chelsea shuld get moses,cesar nd loriente instead of inflated player lik hulk nd cavani

  93. Emmanuel says:

    Let sing moses and carvani and hulk be4 the tranfer window closed.

  94. Mich ugoo says:

    Why this confussion, Moses first b/4 hulk . I prefer hulk b/cos he is humble and eager to play for chelsea. The BIBLE said the humble in heart will inherit the LORD’S kingdom so calvany is good but proud so now hulk is the man up the blues. justice speaks for better play and results ok.

  95. Ezebunwo says:

    cavani is preferrable to Hulk.pls cavani should come abeg we need him

  96. Mich ugoo says:

    Howdy Roman, why this delay in signing victor moses , we the fans need this guy he is fantastic and will score chelsea to great, if he can lead small wigan out of relligation think club like chelsea and forget not how he overskilled our highrated defenders last season he is now at the door knocking if you hear him now open now. Roman and all chief and dirrectors in stanford bridge should be wise and seek the lord’s assistance now ok.

  97. Hello fance,pls dont ridicule Torres is some one like Drogba,u will see some fantastic this season from him,wate and see let Di M, give starting and good surport,about cavani & hulk with moses,i prefer cavani and moses !0kss chelsea 4 life.

  98. Any of the two will fit in! We are getting tired of all these rumors, we need action at this point in time. The league gets underway the weekend. However, it’s our tradition having last laugh in May, let do it again this coming season.

    Blue is the color, Chelsea is the team….. the pride London

  99. sadiq says:

    RDM pls maintan torres n go 4 llorente to support him n eis season is our 6 trophies season

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