Liverpool – Punt on Kaka?

Liverpool – Punt on Kaka?



Ok, he hasn’t exactly showered himself in football glory over the last few years. He has had a bad time with injuries but something else seems to have gone wrong in the previously perfect world of Mr.Kaka.

I have to say that I have always been a little puzzled as to how he commanded a transfer fee of nearly £60m. He was good at Milan but he doesn’t seem to be the sort of player who can grab the game by the scruff of the neck.

Nevertheless, at his best, he has a great shot on him and can make the game look pretty easy. So will a Premier League club have a look at him before the start of the season?

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Jose Mourinho has suggested that he is surplus to requirements at Real and Kaka will feel that he has something to prove wherever he goes next.

Liverpool already have a great schemer who sits behind the centre forward, but Kaka can play a variety of positions and may well complement rather than hinder the work of Luis Suarez. Such has been the fall from grace of the Brazilian that he would come comparatively cheaply – and Liverpool is undoubtedly a big enough club to pique the interest of Kaka if they came calling.

So, do you think that Liverpool should take a punt on Kaka to add a little fairy dust to the squad?


  1. LFC should definately try to land him it could be the springboard needed to get the best out of players already there as he can play in any midfield position it would make players try harder to make the starting eleven and would appease fans who expect a stellar signing. heres hoping

  2. I don’t think there is any doubt that if he can perform Kaka is a special talent, he showed this in both CL finals. But dispite this do we need yet another central midfielder who will want astronomical wages. Our midfield is saturated with players all fighting for the central mid. Coupled with the talk of Alonso, I think we need to focus on a right winger more so, and I’d honestly take Alonso over Kaka

  3. He will be a good buy bcos he will love to be at his best in order to go to the world cup beside he can play in any position upfront.

  4. Having a laugh hey? You are talking of Kaka and we are scraping around the coppers drawer in the cash register for the odd coin or two ! Have a heart!

  5. Finally!!!!! I’ve been waiting for someone/anyone to throw KAka into the mix :))

    Anyone who saw Reals pre season games will know that this man is back and as good as ever…
    I’m sure we got him injury free for the next couple of yrs, we will back at the top!

    Having said that I can’t see real letting him now after his recent displays hes looking too awesome.

    £20m all day long!!