Liverpool – top winger in before the weekend?

Liverpool – top winger in before the weekend?


Various news sources (including this one now) are reporting that Brendan Rodgers has at least one more transfer coup up his sleeve before the league kicks off this weekend. Where did the summer go?

Anyway, Barcelona have a ridiculous number of top players in their ranks who seldom get a game. Cristian Tello has been on the periphery of the squad for some time. At 21 he is still learning his trade but Liverpool sorely need some more quality in wide areas and various media outlets are reporting that The Reds will get the adaptable wide man Tello on loan for a year.

ITV sport says

‘Arsenal had been linked with the exciting 21-year-old forward, but Brendan Rodgers is confident that he will persuade Tello to come to Anfield this week’

In other news, it appears that loyalty within the game isn’t completely dead. Daniel Agger says that he wants to stay at Liverpool despite the riches on offer at Manchester City, who have expressed an interest in the skillful centre back.

Hoorah for Agger. Hoorah!



  1. For me, it will be a sign that Liverpool is finished as a top 4 club if we sink as low as having to build our team with players on LOAN!!!!!!!!.

  2. why sell agger? he,s are best defender, the owners need to relise selling your best players is not on. his injuty record is not the best, but football is a risk game any player can get injured…ask SG agger wants to stay the fans want agger to stay, the owners need to listen you bought a great club do not do what the last owners done…..i hope brendan rogers does well, he seems a good guy but its a big job for him and the owners as they employed him.selling agger in many fans opinon is a very bad move if things start to go wrong this season this will be brought up. there were bad buys last season and a lot of money spent, but all clubs have and will continue to do this. move on if you want us back were we belong , back brendan as he,s your man there is no replacement for agger at liverpool or on market, the swansea CB is not in aggers league….infact old man carra is better than him…were liverpool not swansea..

    • Agger could be saying he wants to stay, so as it looks like Liverpool are to blame if he does go to City. I hope he stays but I think he is being very cunning.

  3. Why don’t we buy players instead of loaning?At the end of the season they still go back to their various clubs and any we are playing them,they eventually become treats to our team because of our pattern of play they know or BR’s approaches on his players!!Sign Clint Dempsey,Gaston Ramirez,C Tello and a back up for J Enrique.Recently they said money is not a problem but qualities ,are this players not good enough?YWNWA.

  4. I’d like to make 2 comments (1) As regards Daniel Agger .. It seems to me that he is grateful to the club …and more importantly to the fans who through his noted injuries stood by him and have shown there affection for his qualities when he is fit ….hence he is now showing his loyalty to to the club and it’s supporters ….it’s a shame all players are not as loyal ….I dont believe Liverpool management at anytime wanted to part with him ….sadly in football money talks … that’s the nature of the business to-day …for remember it is a business first and foremost (sadly) .
    My second comment (2) Tello seems to be a very good player and I’m sure he would be a great signing for Liverpool ….it’s the clip’s I really want to comment on ….we are shown short clips of most of the players we have reportedly been interested in ….were in the players look amazing and possibly are ….my point is… I wonder what supporters would think after watching a 3 minute compilation of Raheem Sterling ….never mind from several games ….a compilation of his best moments of him scoring 5 goals (yes 5) in one game ….I watched that game in amazement ….Just showing the highlights would not fit into 3 minutes ….and this is a young man of 17 years of age …hence my point is these clips are only highlights ….nothing more .

  5. A player u take on loan may even b better than all ur player atime. Example is d Greg Belamy isue when he moved to Cardif on loan in 2010/2011 season and turn out to b their best player. My co fans, there are more to loan isue which need to b looked in to frm difrent angle.

  6. Selling daniel agger is completely useless,de owners of liverpool should remember that the problem liverpool is havin 2 day is because de players we sold without replacing rightly.the likes of xabi alonso,javier mascherano,fernando torres,ryan babel,emiliano insua,arbeloa,dossena,albert riarar,jermaine liverpool should not even think of selling daniel agger or martin skrytel cos that will only course more harms to rodgers regime.he who has ears let him hear