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Published on August 11th, 2012 | by soccersweep


Van Persie for Chelsea?

Media outlets have been awash all summer with talk of Chelsea wanting another striker. Despite spending lavishly on creative talent, the concern remains that the club haven’t adequately replaced the departed Anelka and Didier Drogba. With persistent questions about the long term career of Fernando Torres at Chelsea, and Daniel Sturridge still finding his way, Chelsea may well be light in that area. Hulk, and latterly Cavani, have provided the meat of the summer striker speculation for The Blues.

But it has been surprising for some that Robin Van Persie hasn’t been linked more strongly with the club. Chelsea have never been scared to invest in a older player before. The formula seems to be that, if he is good enough, his age is of secondary importance. They were somewhat stung by Shevchenko, and Torres hasn’t fired yet, but it still seems a little strange that Roman Abramovich hasn’t at least made enquiries about the the deadly Dutchman.

Some might argue that Arsenal would be adamant about not selling to their London rivals but their rivalry with Manchester United, Van Persie’s destination apparent, is at least as fierce.

£20m is ostensibly a lot to pay for a 29 year old and Chelsea do seem to be planning for the future. But with such a potential vacuum created by the high prolfie departures, wouldn’t Van Persie offer the perfect 2-3 year solution?

So what price a cheeky late bid by the club? Whereas United seem to drag out their transfers, Chelsea are good at spending the few extra million to get deals done quickly and comparatively quietly. Although it seems unlikely at this stage, you wouldn’t want to entirely rule out the possibility of a last minute Chelsea move for Van Persie.


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14 Responses to Van Persie for Chelsea?

  1. Mshelizah says:

    Rvp. Is a very good player no dought bt i dnt tink chelsea wnt him any way.

  2. Drake from Uganda says:

    Pay less and u let him join chelse

  3. Kingsley says:

    Chelsea buy van persie

  4. Abdullahi abiodun says:

    chelsea need cavani or hulk

  5. MrMarts_11 says:

    We need someone like Hulk for the long term. He’s strong on the right, got speed and he’s 25-26 years old. He can also play Centre forward as a alternative. Buying him will be ideal for Chelsea’s future.

  6. Chelsea sign victor moses and hulk before tuesday

  7. lewismungando says:

    chelsea need hulk/cavani not RVP who needs spoon feeding.we need someone with pressure

  8. adebayo oluwafemi .A. says:

    for chelsea fc to go for van persie is another development

  9. Oyedele says:

    Chelsea dont need one leg player,so it Hluk or Cavain not robin van perise and he not strong at all.

  10. reason says:

    That’s because he only wants utd, why waste time

  11. steve Diji says:

    chelsea need Cavain or Hluk not RVP.

  12. Chelsea need cavanni and hulk not rvp

  13. Dunmoye Awwal says:

    Mehn chelsea has τ̅☺ buy a striker b4 d transfer runs out i tink cavani would be better and not τ̅☺ forget dat our right back i̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ also aving problem we all know dat ivanovic as been sent off in the coomunity shield and dat means d match ban and we all know d implication

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