Manchester United: Will Fergie take a punt on World Player of The...

Manchester United: Will Fergie take a punt on World Player of The Year?


The fall from grace of Brazil and Real Madrid player Kaka has been one of the most stark in recent years. Injury and lack of form have cruelly curtailed the career of the £60m man who came to Real at the same time as Cristiano Ronaldo in, what seemed like, the double swoop to spank the arse off all double swoops. At the time many believed Kaka to be the better signing of the two.

Kaka made a huge name for himself at AC Milan but, just like Andriy Shevchenko, his San Siro departure signalled a spiralling descent from the top table of football to the servants’ quarters in less time than you can say ‘everyone assumes I’m good cos I’m Brazilian.’  For all of their argued quality, and for all the wonderful things written about them, Kaka and Shevchenko just didn’t suit their next clubs.

Finally Jose Mourinho has more or less told the press that the Brazilian is effectively surplus to requirements. Kaka is to Madrid what Dimitar Berbatov is to United. Potentially incredible, but you ultimately don’t quite know where they fit and what they do best – mainly because they don’t do it enoughIt’s like smirking approvingly at an intellectual joke that you don’t understand just because everyone else is laughing.

But what price Fergie taking a punt on the 2007 World Player of The Year in the same way that way that he did with Larsson, Owen and Blanc? Just like his toothpaste at home, the shrewd Scot might well relish the idea of squeezing one last bit out, just when everyone thought it was finished. At 30 years of age, Kaka can still be anything he wants and would no longer cost the earth.

Fergie may well feel that he has enough players already in Kaka’s position but he may prove valuable nonetheless and, if not Manchester United, then surely someone from the Premier League will be sniffing around the faded but still funky star before long.

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  1. kaka is not over and can out with something good we don’t expect.he still be a player who can play any competetive football.

  2. Kaka is good any day any time. may be he doesn’t fit well to Jose’s squad, but he still makes the difference whenever madrid is in tight corner and he comes in. I wish he could join another club where he can have a playing time, then we’ll see is best again.