Manchester United: Who can stop them with these two?

After 4 years of largely drab and disappointing summers in the transfer market, where fans’ hopes have rarely been met, Manchester United seem to have decided that the time is right to spend big in order to stave off the latest wave of pretenders to their crown.

Manchester City have spent the GDP of a small country in just a few years. Meanwhile, Chelsea’s incredible Champions League victory seems to have whetted the appetite (and in turn brought out the wallet) of owner Roman Abramovich.

These two sides will undoubtedly provide the most credible and sustained challenge to Manchester United’s pre-eminence since the Red Devils’ supremacy began two decades ago. They say that every empire eventually crumbles. But Sir Alex isn’t quite ready to cede omnipotence just yet.

Accordingly, Manchester United are looking to have a good old splurge and, insodoing, assuage the anxiety of the fans who believe that their club is falling behind the rest due to murky Malcolm’s mismanagement.

If Manchester United do manage to sign Robin Van Persie and Lucas Moura you can forget City and Chelsea. All of the fears of United fans will dissolve as they once again raise the bar of English football with a bewitching blend of relentless attacking footie that will challenge the might even of Spain’s finest.

Van Persie maybe approaching 29 but he is perfect for United for the next three years. Chicharito and Danny Welbeck will continue to get plenty of chances to develop and realise their potential. But they are still young and inconsistent. With Owen gone and Berbatov leaving, United lack experience up front. Van Persie will deliver that experience right now – experience and a lorry load of goals. I still think that he would prefer to go to Juventus but he might well be excited by the prospect of playing alongside Wayne Rooney in a potentially devastating attacking line.

He might also be excited by the potential signing of Lucas Moura. Superlatives are thrown about like rags dolls – and by the billion every day. We at soccersweep have been accused of it ourselves! The insolence! But we truly believe that this kid is going to be one of the top five players in the world within a few years.

Most foreign players will take time to adjust to The Premier League but we think Moura will bed in better than most because physically, he is already a man at 19. He will provide the fairy dust that only Wayne Rooney currently generates for the team. This kid is going to be the absolute nuts.

Manchester City and Chelsea both have excellent sides but if United manage to pull off this massive double signing, we don’t think anyone on these shores will be able to touch them next season.


Possible United XI 12/13 (4-3-3)

De Gea, Rafael, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Kagawa, Moura, Rooney, Van Persie