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Manchester United: Modric, Moutinho and Madrid

It’s almost as excruciating as losing the title to a last minute goal from Manchester City. Waiting for your club to make that big signing that will put you back in the driving seat and give your team that edge on the competition that it is so accustomed to having.

Despite signing Shinji Kagawa Manchester United still need to address the midfield situation. If they start the new season with what they have, the Old Trafford fans will retain exactly the same concerns that they have had for the last few years – namely that while Manchester United have got some good midfielders, it’s still the weakest area of the squad.

Giggs and Scholes reek of class but will soon be drawing pensions. Carrick is an excellent right hand man but rarely takes centre stage and dominates a game. Cleverley and Anderson have yet to reach their potential and Fletcher is indefinately crocked.

So everyone knows United need more fresh blood in there if they are to stay at the top. Manchester United are seemingly losing the battle for Luka Modric with Real Madrid, but the Daily Mail today suggests that the transfer fee is becoming a stumbling block for the Spaniards and Tottenham may end up retaining his services. Not that the fans of Spurs would necessarily want to keep him after the amount of times he has suggested that he wants to leave the club.

Meanwhile, Manchester United have gone from a club that buys top players to a club that ‘monitors’ top players before missing out on them to other clubs. Accordingly, Sir Alex is apparently ‘monitoring’ the Modric situation. Well that should put fans’ mind at rest!

Meanwhile, United are also ‘monitoring’ the Joao Moutinho situation despite apparently serious interest Tottenham coach AVB. Thank god for that.

soccersweep will continue to ‘monitor’ the status quo of the Manchester United midfield and bring you any news as it happens.



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