Manchester United – When will Fergie splash the cash?


It’s been another strange summer so far in terms of Manchester United signings. Rather than getting a big player early doors The Reds have bought a decent looking Japanese lad and another youngster with potential.

Other than that we have had to get by on odds and sods and put up with spurious speculation based on a mate’s mum’s brother who’s dog apparently picked up a bit of paper from Carrington which has Fergie’s summer shortlist of signings on it.

When are we going to get some solid signing action? The latest line is that we are waiting for EURO 2012 to finish before the next big move. But United’s supposed targets have all gone home by now. Modric, Lewandowski and Sneijder have all left the tournament, whilst other top players such as Bale and Neymar didn’t even go. So what are we waiting for?

Perhaps it’s just another summer where Manchester United are simply missing out on their top targets such as Eden Hazard? Let’s hope this isn’t going to be another close season of drip fed disappointment. Because I will not be swayed from the opinion that United need another star performer, as good as Rooney, to make United a top force once more. I don’t buy the ‘no value in the market’ line. If United were spending £28m on Veron 10 years ago then surely £40m for Bale would represent good value now?

So are Manchester United just being prudent, are the coffers really drying up or do we simply have all the players that we need already?