AVB to Tottenham? Noooooooooooooooo!

It’s like some kind of sick sick bad unfunny joke. Having been considered by Liverpool a few weeks back, the broadsheets are leading this morning with stories of how Daniel Levy is about to offer Andre Villas-Boas the top job at Tottenham. The Guardian says that

‘Daniel Levy wants dynamic young coach to drive club forward’

So why is he after AVB? This is the guy who let his pride get in the way at Chelsea so that the whole club seemingly descended in farce within months of his arrival. He squabbled with his squad. He fought with his Frank. He dithered with his Didier and he failed with Fernando. What exactly did Daniel Levy see in AVB during his time with Chelsea that made him think ‘this guy is mustard. We HAVE to have him.’

soccersweep has witnessed some very interesting reaction to Harry getting the sack. We thought that there would be open revolt when he was given the boot, but many of you think it needed to happen as Harry let his head be turned by England.

But, surely, this is not a step forward for Tottenham? Signing a coach with one good year under his belt in Portugal and one unimaginably bad spell in England? I only wish that I had applied for the position at Tottenham, as the vetting process is obviously pretty slack. I want to point out here that I have nothing personal against AVB. I just wouldn’t want him anywhere near my club.

The Guardian continues:

‘Villas-Boas has sought assurances about future of Luka Modric’

If I were a Tottenham fan I would be seeking assurances about the sanity of the chairman at this point in time.  I hope I am wrong but I fear that, before long, fans will be getting heavily nostalgic about the heyday of Harry.