Manchester United – Another bid for Dutch master?


The Dutch will be waking up to a collective hangover today after defeat to Germany last night severely limited their chances of progressing to the knockout stages of EURO 2012.

It was a fantastic game with little to decide between the sides. Ultimately, the Germans were more ruthless in front of goal and that’s why they won the match. But it was a reminder of just how good the Euros can be.

Despite Holland’s bad results at this tournament there has been a stiff reminder for Sir Alex Ferguson of just how much Wesley Sneijder can bring to the party. Sure, he was unable to rouse his team last night, or against Denmark, but everything that he does just smacks of class.

He’s 28 now and it seems that the Sneijder package is just a little too rich for Manchester United, but if Sir Alex Ferguson did fancy a slightly expensive splurge on his midfield then surely he need look no further than this Dutch master.

So, United fans, would you take Modric or Sneijder if you had to pick one?