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Published on June 14th, 2012 | by soccersweep


Manchester United – Another bid for Dutch master?


The Dutch will be waking up to a collective hangover today after defeat to Germany last night severely limited their chances of progressing to the knockout stages of EURO 2012.

It was a fantastic game with little to decide between the sides. Ultimately, the Germans were more ruthless in front of goal and that’s why they won the match. But it was a reminder of just how good the Euros can be.

Despite Holland’s bad results at this tournament there has been a stiff reminder for Sir Alex Ferguson of just how much Wesley Sneijder can bring to the party. Sure, he was unable to rouse his team last night, or against Denmark, but everything that he does just smacks of class.

He’s 28 now and it seems that the Sneijder package is just a little too rich for Manchester United, but if Sir Alex Ferguson did fancy a slightly expensive splurge on his midfield then surely he need look no further than this Dutch master.

So, United fans, would you take Modric or Sneijder if you had to pick one?


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108 Responses to Manchester United – Another bid for Dutch master?

  1. Paul says:

    Sneijder without a doubt pure genius and would enable utd to compete with rest in europe

  2. Kolawole says:

    I really prefer modric

  3. richard palmer says:

    i tink wesley sneijder he’s just d perfect player united need,cos he av al d experince we need to reclaim d title n he’s more crative n skilful dan luka modric

  4. dan kelly says:

    do you really need to ask, modric is a good player but sneijder is in a class of his own if fergie is going to pay 25million plus sneijder is the man.

  5. Preben Henriksen says:

    Sneijder is a worldclass player.. Offcourse i would prefer the Dutchman

  6. ebuka says:

    i prefer modric because he is already in english footbal and would not start learning the styles of play in play in Engkland which Sneider woulod do if he comes to Mancvhester United

  7. Hashim Mponezya says:

    Modric?Not my cup of tea.Will make my day should Sneijder be the reds next season..

  8. Mozil says:

    Prefer Modric

  9. thaboh says:

    Modric for me simply cos he’s 2 years younger and has played pl footy for a while now and is not on the treatment table every week

  10. adam fernley says:

    sneijder has never played premier league football, he would not perform the way he does with manchester utd.. modric is the man who will do us good, but fergie knows what he’s doing.. long live Sir Alex Ferguson!


    The two players are good it would be better if we can sign any of them.

  12. Emmanuel says:

    i prefer modric cos he is already in d system of england so he is more preferable

  13. Uchenna says:

    I simply prefer Sneijder. To me, he is more than good unlike Modric who have not yet acquire all the experience needed in Champions League. I go for Sneijder.

  14. sabastine says:

    I prefer modric

  15. vincent says:

    i prefer modric, because he is still a young player who still have much time to work in the field than wesley.

  16. Victor u says:

    Both are Good,but prefer Modric, he is already in EPL,So go 4 him and have a union of Kagawa,Modric and Rooney

  17. hamuscant says:

    I prefer snijder bcos of the charpion league experience,bt modric is a world class player to.I wil go for snijder.hamuscant.

  18. oladele says:

    I oladele go 4 sneijder.

  19. Lovilen says:


  20. Pele oko says:

    I prefer modric dn sneld i like luka dan snd becouse snd is a class player but like mdc for man utd next season

  21. johnson says:

    i prefer modric

  22. Premjith says:

    In my opinion manchester united must sign these two players….modric and sneijder they can make a impact in united midfield..!

  23. Wadisa says:

    simply i’ll go wit Modric coz of his years, he can do something 2 Man Utd.

  24. SpunkyMUFC says:

    Sneijder all day every day, if not though would still love modric

  25. Jamal says:

    Absolutely MODRIC..he’s young n fast..Adapted to EPL style of play.
    SAF pls get him to OT nx season..

  26. kunmi zoonto says:

    I prefer luka modric because is already playing in england, he understand the style and conditions but wesley is old and can get injury at anytime

  27. Owolabi orlando says:

    2 me both are good, bt i think snidjer is d man bcos of championship. UNITED 4 LIFE

  28. eletu kafayat ola says:

    I prefer sneilder

  29. Zayyad says:

    Modric 24 scnaider 28 so modric is the best 4 utd think abt utd future

  30. odufayo adeyinka says:

    i will prefer wesley sneijdar to modric……… Man u needed a creative midfielder.

  31. TK says:

    Wesley sneijder is better of the two.

  32. samuel efe says:

    modric the option no doubt.

  33. Jimmy Fung says:

    There’s no denying Snjeider is world class, but he has outrageous wage depends on top of the hefty transfer fee.

    Modric is 2 years younger than Snjeider, is seasoned in Premier League Football and would also be a good compliment to new signing Shinji Kagawa. Modric plays a deep, playmaking midfielder, where as Kagawa plays in a more advanced attacking role. It would wonderful midfield dynamic.

  34. jonja says:

    Both are good players,any one modric or snaider in OT it will be perfect for the club,but in future days,who can play many years,Modric is the best

  35. olamide says:

    Big name is useless in EPL think about dis, no matter who Ʋ are Modric is proper 4 UTD cos he is younger, is playing EPL, he is not on treatment table every week and he is still eager to win trophies. Don’t think twice pls

  36. Big boyy!! says:

    I’d take Wesly any day!!! But to be honest, I wouldn’t say no to a double signing £65m for both ;)

  37. umar hassan funtua says:

    i’ll take modric cos he’s younger than sneijder n he knw how to play fully in premier league and in man united. Long live man united

  38. Hailey says:

    sneijder is da best

  39. Gabu vybz says:

    Sneijder is the best of the best leave modric 4 spurs cz thats wer he fits

  40. Schascha says:

    Modric iz creative and sneijder 2 so ferguson must carpsure 2 of dem bcs de will organise dt midfield

  41. Caylebnoni says:

    I prefer Modric

  42. opus michael says:

    modric wil solve our biggest weak link dat z midfield and lewosky

  43. fab says:

    Sneijer is d best or both

  44. opus michael says:

    i think mordric is d player man united cul’d go 4 than sudiader as far d pre leag is consan. Sam kampala uganda.

  45. opus michael says:

    modric knows wat it takes 2 b in a PLE we need him much

  46. Noodles says:

    Out of the two then schnieder.

    However what they should do id sell Nani, buy Bale, Rodwell, Powell and the young Chilian fella hernandez or something.

  47. jordan scot says:

    wesley’s time for us has passed…..All we want and All we are saying is give us MODRIC

  48. Noodles says:

    Also sell Anderson, Bebe, Macheda,

  49. thaboh says:

    Modric is 26

  50. John paul says:

    I lov modric but Sneijder is better than him i ll like 2 see sniejder

  51. a.nal says:


  52. Dan says:

    I would not buy any of the two. There are too expensive. They cant change a game and lack dribbling skills and pace. I would buy a young player who has the pace with energy and some tricks to turn a player.

  53. pheezee says:

    talking of sneidjer he is creative,has experience nd an utility playmaker but modric he is creative but less experience nd fixd player so letz go 4 bth preferably sneidjer

  54. Fabian says:

    For me egg is expires Wesley snijdar is the man we need dat midfild he have long pass making short also a play maker.but if our father sir Ferguson can sing two off them i promis all the manu fans we cant go nest session witout three trof,i dnt want manu march to give me h.b.p again up united

  55. ajayi dapson says:

    Modric †☺ ♍ξ Ĭ§ more preferable because he Ĭ§ already in the system,unlike wesley that has only champions league xperience and man~utd я not ready †☺ sign a wasteful player unlike others.

  56. Galib says:

    Considering the age of the two, modric luca will be better 4 utd.

  57. Topsye says:

    I prefer Modric becz is more creative and young he also know what it take to be playing in EPL pls SAF go for him.

  58. Richard says:

    neither one is worth their asking price!

  59. Aduagba .l.hameed says:

    i prefer modric bcos is young.he has power &it wil take longtime b4 he can get injure.

  60. topak says:

    I’d prefer modric. If not ajax’s eriksen.

  61. auwal says:

    I prepa modiric

  62. Governor says:

    I prefer snijder,coz of his experience.

  63. Nke Nke Enyi Udoka says:

    I prefer Modric he is the right man 4 Manchester United we need him.

  64. olakunle says:

    modric is d option cos sneider is an injury prone player

  65. dozie says:

    Wesley Sneijder is de man for MAN UTD, without there be know, Rooney. He is de best midfielder i have ever seen and he also a good play-maker.I think he is de man for us!!!

  66. Its difficult to choose because they are both world class players with the ability to play for any team in the world, i think it all boils down to who is the best value to the club that needs him. in this situation even though i think the dutchman may very slightly out perform Modric in terms of talent, i feel he Modric would be my choice, if his fee and wages are within what is regarded as acceptable, plus he has already spent a number of years in the Epl.

  67. Wayne says:

    I prefer luka modric I watch him against Italy he is world class player sniejder is a work class player also but modric is younger and would fit straight in united team

  68. i prefer wayne rooney

  69. Steve says:

    It has to come down to what position do we need filled more, isnt Snjieder a more advanced middie while Modric can play CM as well as CAM, We recently got Kagawa and he can play CAM quite well (in addtion to left/right wing i think). So Modric may be more useful and he is already accustomed to the English style and could catch up immediately.

    Would not say no to Snjieder if hes willing for the right wages, Modric wages would be half of what Snjieder expects. Also Snjieder is older.

  70. yk coalman says:

    Modris nt sneijder, cos we already hv injury plagued players. Lyk anderson,cleverly,fletcher. It ‘ll b silly if we buy sneijder . MODRIC/KAGAWA a̶̲̥̅n̶̲̥̅̊d̶̲̥̅̊ a defensive midfield I̶̲̥̅̊s̶̲̥̅̊ all but we need .

  71. Adesoji says:

    I prefer luka modric becos he is still very young!!

  72. william says:

    Modric has proven he can play well in the EPL. Sneijder is 2 years older, more fraigile and often looses his temper.
    Modric is better for ManU but [nly at a reasonable price!

  73. william says:

    Modric has proven he can play well in the EPL. Sneijder is 2 years older, more fraigile and often looses his temper.
    Modric is better for ManU but only at a reasonable price!

  74. olamide says:

    Modric is perfect for United. Think about this, he has been playing EPL, he is younger, like thaboh said; he is not on treatment table every week. He’ll be more committed because he is still eager to win trophies, unlike †ђξ other man.

  75. Wash says:

    Looking at all aspects including the re-sale value, i wud go for Modric. He is the best bargain.

  76. mudiaga kingsley says:

    i prefer modric to senjider with his epl exeperiene. With no resonable doulbt. Modric his 26 he has more level than so call senjider

  77. Bawa says:

    To me i prefer modric than sneijder cos sneider is injury player.

  78. daddyluke says:

    luka modric is preferable dan sneijer, considering there age as utd is building on young players

  79. Japheth says:

    Now we dont need any one 2 tell us b4 man u no dat our midfild very, very wos. Midfield is wht we wnt go 4 one pls dnt faild us.


    luca modric is times of age,He also plays england.come luca,come modric

  81. Joshua says:

    4get d money n Buy d 2 players.wesley+modric+kagawa..

  82. ololade says:

    i prefer modric pass sneidjer

  83. Sunday says:

    Let just pray we c i person.

  84. Toheeb says:

    Modric is d man,sneider is an injury pron

  85. ksyboy says:

    sneijer of cause, ggmu

  86. Ciro says:

    Snijder is better option

  87. Getaneh S. says:

    no doubt I prefer Modric!! he is younger and have experiences in EPL, and not the old guy with no heart to get trophy1!!!!!

  88. Both ah good player, but i prefer modric be’cos is unready in EPL.

  89. Maxwell says:

    I prefer SNEILDER more than MODRIC, any way all of them are good but sneijder haves more talent than modric…. get sneijder Sir Alex

  90. Nurudeen Hamzah Mufa says:

    I prefered Modric

  91. Sneijder is one of d best midfielder in d world. I think man utd need modric,cus he is younger dan sneijder,secondly modric has being in EPL 4 sum years now,so he knows everything about epl…4 me, i go 4 modric.

  92. OYEKAN says:


  93. femi says:

    i prefer modric

  94. alow says:

    Modric anyday anytym he’s younger n has epl xperience.go for him fergie

  95. kenny says:

    sneijder is d best fergie tak ur man

  96. Jerry says:

    Luka modricccccccccccc, he is much much younger, bt instead of non get us one of them

  97. Darry says:

    Sir alex ferguson should consider that oppurtunity come but one’s . Since both of them are availlable now. Modric & snj. United need 2 bust dat mildfild

  98. victor alabi says:

    I prefer modric past sneijer.

  99. Abdi fatah says:

    Viva modric

  100. Wise says:

    I prefer Eriksen + Strootman + j martinez+ Llorente or Dzagoev

  101. jay says:

    utd missed the boat when they didnt get sneijder as part of the ronaldo deal from real. real sold him to inter for next to nothing. utd could of had him then as part of deal. not only would it made sense as he is world class. they would have also had him at the years before his prime

  102. sneijder says:

    i think player like Rooney needs good attacking midfielder like Wesley sneijder N its not about that he never played in epl its about what experience he got anys i think if we get Sneider we can win alot of cups c’me on guys pick Sneijder

  103. sunskid says:

    i think united need both!!!cus we ar sellin out Anderson and fletcher avin injurry…..singing the two great players will be good.

  104. Quinton says:

    Modric is d man 4 united saf pls buy him leav old man snd

  105. Pat Oba says:

    Any of the two is good enough to be a United.

  106. Abdulfatah hassan says:

    I prefer luka modrich,he is better thn sniejer,the momentum of the games we saw in the euro of 2012 sniejar he is ful of disappontment

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