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Is Tottenham’s loss Manchester United’s gain?

soccersweep yesterday wrote about the possibility of Harry leaving Tottenham and it opened up a fascinating debate on the comments forum. We expected overwhelming support for Redknapp after 4 unquestionably successful years in charge.

As it turned out, many of you seem to share Daniel Levy’s apparent opinions about Redkanpp underachieving, especially in the second half of last season, when his head was seemingly turned by the England job.

The next big question for Spurs is, can they keep hold of their major stars in the wake of Harry’s sacking? Manchester United, for one, have been reportedly trying to snare Luka Modric all summer and the current instability at Tottenham may well push him closer to the exit door.

That said, you would imagine that Daniel Levy would have spoken to his top boys to gauge opinion before he made his decision. Surely he would do that before letting Harry go right? For Spurs fans sake, I really hope he did because it would be virtually impossible to replace Gareth Bale and Luka Modric.

The next few weeks at White Hart Lane should be very interesting. There is no doubt that the bookies favourite to succeed Harry, David Moyes, is a top quality coach. But will he embrace the expansive, attacking style of football that Spurs fans so crave and that Harry was so keen to give the fans?

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  1. Ray

    Jun 14, 2012 at 9:40 am

    The first thing all of you have to understand if you can, is that Daniel Levy is a very astute man and has grown into the Chairman’s roll over the years. He has developed into a hard nosed no nonsense Chairman since the unfortunate episode with Berbatov a few years ago when his back was against the wall with. Berbatov knew he had the upper hand with a year remaining on his contract and could afford to sulk on the bench and leave for free at the end of it. Berebatov, Carrick and Keane were then dispatched in fairly quick succession making a huge profit In the process. The situation is vastly different now.
    Did Spurs as a club fall apart with the loss of these influential players or did it infact get stronger? The answer is there for all to see.
    If you listen or read some of the idiotic comments by certain randoms in the media and press, you’d be forgiven for believing that THFC is a start up club instead of one that has been around for the past 127 years. Lets just forget about it’s glorious history shall we and phanominal following, not only in London but t/o Europe and the World.
    Managers and star players come and go but the club still remains with it’s loyal followers. If any of you believe that Daniel Levy will allow his star players to just walk off to the opposition in the EPL you’d best think again. Neither he or the board will lessen the quality of the playing staff and enhance the oppositions particularly as we all see what can be achieved.
    The Chairman will not be fazed by Redknapps departure as he is determined to take Spurs back to the top of the tree. A lose tongued chancer like Redknapp had his chance but wont be tolerated. Redknapp had a very lucrative contract waved in front of him but he believed his own hype the he’s a great manager and press coverage that he is the next England manager in waiting caused him to give it the big I am and pit any contract talks on hold. He has now openly admitted that he would have walked out on us, we the fans already knew this. He preaces loyalty but the man is only loyal to himself and now it has come back to bite him fairly and squarely on the arse.
    Fair enough, Redknapp did well to get us out of a mess after 8 games when he first arrived at the club but it is my opinion that any good English speaking manager could have and would have done the same however, could you imagine Wenger, Ferguson or Mancini letting a 10 point advantage slip through their fingers to finish at least 3rd place? NO YOU CANT and neither could Levy and the board at Spurs.
    I’ve no doubt that as soon as the dust settles and Redknapp gets his compensation, he will be running to the press with his story, good luck to him. We move onwards and upwards as the future is bright despite the fact that the low class press are doing their very best to paint a dark and gloomy picture about Spurs once again. I wonder why.

  2. RITCH

    Jun 14, 2012 at 9:57 am

    RAY you talk **** ! spurs have been around 130 years and “YES YOU CAN” ferguson let a huge lead slip this season so get your facts right !!!

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