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7 Premier League players on over £200,000 a week


Wages are a contentious topic in football.

The Premier League’s ostentatious pay packets are being overshadowed a little by the emergence of the Chinese Super League, but that’s not to say there aren’t some pretty big earners in English football.

Very few clubs are willing to breach the £200,000 a week mark – though Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil would like Arsenal to be one of them.

In fact, only seven players earn that fee, and they all play for Manchester United, Manchester City, or Chelsea.

Here’s the list, compiled by the Daily Mail:

1. Paul Pogba (£290,000 a week)


2. Wayne Rooney (£260,000 a week)


3: Zlatan Ibrahimovic £250,000 a week)


4. Sergio Aguero (£240,000 a week)


5: Yaya Toure (£220,000 a week)


6: Eden Hazard (£200,000 a week)


7: David Silva (£200,000 a week)


As you can see, two of United’s summer signings feature right at the top, so it goes to show how much they wanted to rebuild this summer that they were willing to shell out that kind of money to Pogba and Ibrahimovic. At least Ibra didn’t cost anything.

Toure is perhaps the most frustrating name in there, as he’s barely been playing and has only recently been brought in from the cold at City.

And while Hazard has been quite possibly Chelsea’s best player this season, it’s surprising that none of his team-mates make it onto his kind of money.

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