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Brendan Rodgers gets it completely wrong about Marcus Rashford


For all Jose Mourinho’s sins at Manchester United, allowing Marcus Rashford to stagnate is possibly the greatest.

The Portuguese was largely tasked with undoing most of Louis van Gaal’s project, but Rashford’s development was the one thing that Mourinho’s predecessor can be proud of.

It was expected that the 19-year-old would go on to even bigger and better things this season after a summer at Euro 2016 with England, but despite a bright start to the season, he hasn’t exactly impressed of late, going 12 games without a goal in all competitions.

The starlet’s demise hasn’t gone unnoticed, and Celtic’s Brendan Rodgers is the latest to feel the need to comment.

The ex-Liverpool boss might not be the most popular font of wisdom back in the Premier League, but he clearly shares the growing concerns about whether the striker will live up to the potential he showed in his first months at Old Trafford.

“I look at Rashford who is a big, big talent – a massive talent – and he is finding it hard to get game time”, Rodgers said, via the Independent.

“The money can work well but it can also work against you.


“On my last recollection of working in [the Premier League], over 70 per cent of the players were foreign players so that means a lot of your local talent are finding it very difficult to get an opportunity.”

The very obvious problem with this analysis is that it isn’t really true; Mourinho has been playing Rashford, it’s just that he hasn’t been making an impact, perhaps because he’s sometimes been used on the wing to support Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

It seems Rodgers has rather missed the point, but maybe it will at least bring Rashford’s current plight to attention, if it wasn’t already in the spotlight.

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