Arsenal and Chelsea deny doping claims


According to an undercover investigation by The Sunday Times, British doctor Mark Bonar has revealed that he had prescribed performance-enhancing drugs to some sporting stars.

In the report he doped 150 athletes which allegedly include Premier League footballers, cyclists, boxers, etc.

Bonar is said to have named members of the playing staff from Arsenal, Birmingham City, Chelsea and Leicester to have been involved in doping.

“So I’ve worked with some high-profile people,” Bonar told The Times. “They tend to keep a very low profile.”

Nonetheless, the news has sparked some angry reactions from some of the top clubs in England such as Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester City.

In a statement released by Arsenal, it said: “Arsenal Football Club is extremely disappointed by the publication of these false claims which are without foundation.

“The Sunday Times knows that these allegations are baseless but has preferred to publish regardless.

Chelsea followed suite with a similar reaction to the accusation saying,

“Chelsea Football Club has never used the services of Dr Bonar and has no knowledge or record of any of our players having been treated by him or using his services.

“We take the issue of performance enhancing drugs in sport extremely seriously and comply fully with all anti-doping rules and regulations. Chelsea FC players are regularly and rigorously tested by the relevant authorities.”


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