Mourinho to make first new signing from Tottenham

Virtually every team got Kaned last season

Should things go Jose Mourinho’s way again and he signs for Manchester United at the end of this current English Premier League season then he has been rumoured to go for this 60m player.

If 53 goals isn’t enough to win you over with this player then the fact that it’s been done within 93 matches in these past two season will.

This player is none other then Harry Kane and Jose Mourinho is strongly linked with obtaining this player at Manchester United.

Harry Kane has been incredible for both club and country in the past two years and his form only looks likely to continue as he develops further.

Spurs has been ever so reliant on this player and if he is to be lured by any other team then it would surely be that of Manchester United and the wealth of experience that is Jose Mourinho.

Despite the fact that this player is worth whopping 60 million; It has not changed the impending rumours that continue to come in for this linked transfer.

Jose Mourinho has risen teams no matter where he has been at to the point where he would drag each team to the top and secure them titles for three years in a row. His second season at Chelsea had been anything but happy though as he managed to even give Chelsea their worst winless streak in 20 years.

It’s argued that Jose Mourinho didn’t have the chemistry within the team to work with and every one knows that if their is no chemistry amongst players then everything after is absolute chaos.

Harry Kane is a team player and knows his positioning like the back of his hand. This has been pivotal to Tottenham’s recent success as a team as he can develop himself to hang in positions where his team needs him the most.

Mourinho is excellent at managing a team and even dropped highly-sought after players such as Diego Costa from the starting line-up just to prove that he isn’t playing favourites and will only play players who contribute and do their part for the team.

Harry Kane does this and so much more so his potential move to the Old Trafford could quite happen as the player and manager themselves both are aware of the success that could be brought back to Manchester united if that deal goes through.


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  1. Cathal Forde

    Mar 20, 2016 at 12:07 pm

    Not convinced Mourinho is coming to United or that he will be good for the club. He may bring success by spending money but his youth development record is abysmal. We need a manager who will attract the best to fill the holes we can’t fill from within. Give United back its identity.

  2. Patnevin

    Mar 20, 2016 at 2:18 pm

    If he’s to be lured away it would surely be man utd? Why’s that then? The Pro Utd press are a joke!! How many times does Kane have to say he’s not interested in moving…he’s stated on numerous occasions he’s looking to stay at Tottenham for years and become a club legend. He was caught on camera saying “f*ck off am I” when asked if he was signing for Utd last summer. Add all of that to the fact that since he’s said that, the club has improved tenfold and looks like it’s set up to challenge on and off the pitch, yet he’s suddenly gonna jump ship. Move on and write something that has more chance of happening….flying pigs anyone?

  3. R.underhill

    Mar 20, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    What an absolutely terrible article. Not only that but what sort of click bait headline is that? No citations, no actual evidence of anything to support your claim, yet your headline suggests it’s basically a done deal for his first signing.

    I think you’re in the wrong career pal, perhaps get into politics, you seem more suited as a politician.

  4. paul35mm

    Mar 20, 2016 at 11:50 pm

    First, I agree with Cathal. Mourinho at United is not necessarily a good thing for Man U. He’s an ego maniac who is always the center of attention. His youth development is the worst among the top managers, and he took a club that won the title and took the same players to the relegation battle.

    Compare him with his most hated rival. Arsene Wenger finished third. Added one world class player (Petr Cech) and is currently third, battling for the title. No matter what you think of Arsenal’s chances to win the league, the Gunners are in third and within range of the top.

    By comparison, Mourinho won the league last season by twelve points. He brought in one world class player (Pedro) and took a chance on a second who was our of form (Falcao). When he was sacked, The Special One had his team in 17th, a few points from the relegation zone.

    Is that really the manager for Manchester United?

    As far as Kane goes; hopefully Daniel Levy has learned from the Gareth Bale debacle. He got £80 million and got very little in return. Cash does not equal return, especially if you aren’t a top 4, Champions League club. Now, Spurs might be top 4 this year, but they are not a perennial Champions League competitor, so attracting top players through transfer is not easy.

    Most of their top players they either developed themselves or bought young and made them better. Hugo Lloris is probably the only player on the Tottenham roster who was a legitimate star when Spurs signed him.

    If they are going to sell Kane, a player in his early twenties capable of scoring 30 gals in the Premier League should go for £90-100 million. And Tottenham should demand Rashford and Smalling as well.

  5. The druid

    Mar 21, 2016 at 12:21 am

    Ridiculous speculation. Kane won’t be going to Man U,
    1. Man City spend 49 M for Stirling – That makes Kane worth considerably more.
    2. The 60M is probably a Woodward evaluation – less than the player is worth – more than Woodward has the guts to spend.
    3. Why would any player want to move from a Champions league team to play for a mid table team run by a risk adverse accountant.
    4. Mourinho might, in fact, be willing to sign on with ManU, but he’s an assembler, not a developer. Woodward has already demonstrated that he has no capacity to acquire the necessary talent. Mourinho will only be on board if he gets a 5 year contract that will pay him millions when they cancel it in 2 years.

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