Newcastle headed one way


Newcastle United has suffered another defeat in a string of games which ultimately now leaves the question as to when they will get relegated not rather if they can save themselves.

It has been continually questioned all season because they will lose consecutive matches but that will be broken up with the odd draw or unconvincing win. This kind of tally all season all season left a gloomy sense of the past where Newcastle United were forced to battle it out in the Championship in order for them regain their stance in the League.

Xherdan Shaqiri was the man to score for Stoke City and he can now been known as the person to essentially have given Newcastle United the boot from the Premier League because before this game, Newcastle United went in full of optimism and intrinsic strength but it all faded away on the 80 minute mark when Xherdan Shaqiri hit one home for Stoke.

Much could be criticised towards Newcastle United for their choice of training in Spain as it is not ideal for the climate when they know that the weather back in England severe clashes with the heated temperatures of Spain.

One could understand if they went to a colder climate so as to condition themselves further to the extremities of England’s cold whether but instead they choice an entirely opposing option which hasn’t helped them rejuvenate in the slightest.

If Newcastle United are relegated to the Championship for next season then you can be sure that questions will be raised of how they will perform.

This is because is doesn’t come down to the quality of players any more. Various clubs in the English Premier League have average to good-quality players but defeat the best teams of the league because they have used the same squad for a decade at least and have meshed together to become a bit working unit instead of a group of players in a team.

Newcastle United quickly need to learn that this is the way before their whole team crumbles in the English Premier League or dare I say, Championship, next season.


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