Newcastle are in need of an overhaul, fast.

Newcastle United are certainly known as a team to never give in but in recent weeks they have shown signs of absolute defeat this season.

It comes down to many things but in particular, their lack of ambition when on the field.

There is a requisite need from every club to have an intrinsic drive every time they enter the field in order for their team to accomplish the win and go home with three points.

Newcastle United have not shown any of this inner drive for quite some time which leave the question looming as to whether or not they actually care if they are relegated by the season’s end.

Surely it will be disappointing for them but the club has given the fans nothing to marvel over in these past few weeks.

The morale and support at this club is deteriorating week by week. 

It has been said many a time but it is completely true; Newcastle United need a massive overhaul and fast.

You cannot win games against teams such as Manchester City and Arsenal if you go into the match expecting merely a draw or loss and that’s exactly what Newcastle United are doing lately.

Things will change in time as players get older and veterans such as Fabricio Coloccini will get older and retire but it will change the fact that Newcastle United are lacking serious chemistry right now.


The attacks that build up are impressive and full of grit but when it come down to capitalisation on the game and a winning lead, Newcastle are absolutely hopeless.

Considering they had been an integral part of the English Premier League during the 90’s where it began growing as a majorly dominant sport in the world, you’d hope they could draw from that history where they were once fighting many a times for the title instead of survival in the League.

For the sake of all Newcastle United fans and the team itself, I hope they can turn themselves around and quickly.


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