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Wary of his antics? Manchester United directors will have a lot more to worry about if they don’t sign Jose


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We usually get transfer mayhem around this time of year. But this December the rumours have centred around high profile managerial changes.

As well as Pep’s future being roundly discussed Jose Mourinho is out of a job and that has led to reports about him joining Manchester United.

The Guardian put it succinctly when they said:

Manchester United consider Mourinho but remain wary of his antics

While the club are giving serious consideration to moving out the Dutchman after three damaging defeats in a row, there is still concern at the highest level of Old Trafford about Mourinho’s managerial style and specifically the elements of his work that led them to decide against employing him when Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013.

But we find this notion ridiculous. Whoever the dissenting director from the ‘highest level’ is, is obviously still living in the past. A world where Manchester United won every week and could pick and choose the best managers and players in the world.


Manchester United are slowly slipping in to a Liverpool style abyss. Yes they have loads of money but how long will that and the sponsorships last at this rate? United certainly can’t go on spending the same amount as they have in the last 18 months with so little reward on the pitch.

3 years without a trophy could quickly become 5 and then the journey back to the summit of English and European football is even harder to climb.

And without a leading manager at the helm, it will be impossible. Jose will have gone elsewhere by the summer and word on the street is that Guardiola to City is likely. Can Manchester United really rely on the untested Ryan Giggs at this stage? Or is that just a romantic and unrealistic notion?

Manchester United have been offered the closest thing to a guarantee of results and the timing is perfect. If they don’t grasp that opportunity, and bring Mourinho in while there is time to save the season, it will be their biggest mistake yet, post-Fergie. And potentially catastrophic.

Manchester United fans: time for Mourinho?

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