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An Open Letter to Sir Alex Ferguson – Time for one final, crucial act for Manchester United?

Sir Alex Ferguson – now there is a man whose love for Manchester United is undoubted.

In your quarter of a century in charge you not only brought the club into the modern era but made it one of the most competitive teams in the world. Not just for a year or two – but long-term.

In fact the back end of your tenure was your most successful era, where Manchester United appeared in 3 out of 4 Champions League finals between 2008-11.

United needs you Sir Alex

United needs you Sir Alex

But your reticence to speak out about the business model imposed on the club by the Glazer family was the only anomaly in your career. The only inconsistency in your working class principles.

Perhaps you felt that it would rock the boat to speak out about what they were doing. Your priority, after all, was putting a competitive team on the field and, as far as you were concerned, the Glazers were aiding this process by supporting you in the transfer market whenever necessary.

But, now that you can look at things from a distance, we wonder how you feel about the latest dividends to be payed to the Glazers.

The bottom line is that they reportedly bought the club for £790m, with £525m of that borrowed from banks. In the ten years that they have owned the club there has been £700m paid to service the debts and interest – yet the debt still stands at £411m.

Surely Sir Alex. Surely, as a prudent man who undoubtedly loves the club, you can see that this is all wrong? Hugely damaging for Manchester United – most of the revenue paying off debts rather than going into the infrastructure of the club?

People outside Manchester United scoff when fans talk about the club being as big as Real Madrid or Barca. But the revenues are commensurate with those titans of the game. The reason, however, that United can’t compete on the field is that the revenue isn’t being spent on the squad. It’s going to very slowly pay off the biggest credit card in history.

And as the great trade unionist that you once were, fighting for the rights of the common man against the tyranny of the elite, this surely must leave you with a sense of injustice. This is exactly the sort of situation that would have made your blood boil as a young man.

No one with any clout at Manchester United speaks out. The directors are of course paid handsomely for their complicity. No one dares to bite the hand that feeds them.

Manchester United supporters group MUST attempted a mass boycott a few years back but it didn’t take off, maybe because you didn’t publicly endorse the project.

But, as a final valiant act in your wonderful relationship with Manchester United, perhaps it’s time for you to speak out. For the great trade unionist to lead the march.

Have no concerns about your enduring popularity amongst Manchester United fans. You remain a god amongst men.

And if you were to lead the fans in protest/boycott they would follow without hesitation.

Something needs to be done about the arguably criminal draining of resources at Manchester United and if you were to lead a campaign it would undoubtedly be successful. There would be immediate results if you gave your name to any such campaign. You are the perfect agent and spearhead for change.

We are certain that you too would prefer the club to be owned by the fans in the same way as the wonderful FC Barcelona. Give Manchester United to the people who love it and sit back as they protect it with their lives and never let this happened again. Watch all the profits to go back in to the club.

Manchester United needs Sir Alex Ferguson like never before and with you at the helm, the future strength and success of the club would be guaranteed. But, without you, Manchester United could resemble Leeds United by the time the Glazers are finished.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alaske usman

    Sep 20, 2015 at 1:03 am

    Now man utd is in terrible conditions where the team need support especially from its former mananger (Sir Alex) when the Glazer family sell their shares the team may likely to become like west ham, Sunderland, Bolton etc.

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